Web Hosting Buzz Review

Web Hosting Buzz Review

This is an honest WebHostingBuzz Review. Then make certain to stick with the mail till the end.

Existence a digital entrepreneur most of marketers and bloggers used to try out several dissimilar hosting just to test them out. And when it comes to the reliability of the specific hosting providers well-nigh of them become neglect simply because they don’t provide you value for the penny they’re charging.

We’ve been testing the WebHostingBuzz for a very long time and we accept posted some of our websites with it to test their performance and speed. And this postal service will exist sharing the complete detailed review on this then it will be beneficial for you to determine whether you should opt their services or not. Plus at the end we’ll share the pros and cons for a amend commencement.

But earlier getting deeper into it permit me quickly introduce you with Webhostingbuzz hosting through this detailed WebHostingBuzz Review.

What’s WebHostingBuzz?

WebHostingBuzz was launched way back in 2002 but over the years it gets disappeared from the market just considering they were unable to compete with the other competitors belonging to the same manufacture but from concluding few years there consistently putting their efforts to grow their brand by serving the best possible services to the users.

Over the years more than than 2,00,000 domains have hosted with the Webhostingbuzz and it’s beingness expanded widely over 140+ countries that brand the true sense. And only reason behind its success is its assistant of time and loading speed that volition enhance your website credibility at a higher instance.

Even if you’re only a beginner and does not have much corporeality of penny to invest In loftier-end hosting the new should definitely have an eye upon the WebHostingBuzz that might surely assistance yous. Regardless, they also used to offer 45 days of money-back guarantee using which you can go your money dorsum if you don’t like their features and services so this is the bargain-breaking entity that you lot should not ignore.

For now let’s swoop deep into the features that are being served to you past WebHostingBuzz.

What are the features of Webhostingbuzz?

The WebHostingBuzz used to serve tons of different features amid which we are shortlisted the few ones that you need to know if you lot are supposed to grab the services offered by WebHostingBuzz, so here are they:-

1. Fastest loading speed

While choosing the hosting provider services you will e’er demand to have a expect upon the loading speed of that specific posting just considering it is something that matters the most. Information technology bear upon a lot a pony visitor’s feel and if your website gets failed to load quickly the visitors will leave the page instantly, equally no one likes to stay with the website for and then long if they’re consuming much amount of time.

Instead, if your website gets within a moment chances are more that the user volition render back to your site and they might even bookmark your website for futurity purposes. So make sure not to ignore this term if you truly want to get success through your website.

For the past so many years WebHostingBuzz is consistently serving the best and relevant loading speed so fifty-fifty if the drove is quite weak your website volition become load faster if it is hosted with WebHostingBuzz.

According to research is being observed that they accept a loading speed of around 405ms that can assist y’all throughout the processes. Sometimes if the hosting goes under maintenance though it remains stable at 300ms that’ll surely help you to provide an crawly experience to your visitors.

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2. Go 45 days of coin-back guarantee support

What if you take chosen the hosting provider Adobe after few days you came to know that they are non fulfilling your requirement?

In such example the money-back guarantee is the simply option remains that yous went away but non all of the hosting provider used to serve you this feature. WebHostingBuzz is not the regular hosting provider just because they used to serve you 45 days of money-back guarantee with all of their shared hosting plans.

Autonomously from this with the VPS hosting, you will get 30 days of money-back guarantee from the engagement of purchase. As per the need they are too used to serve you a free domain name only while refund process they will non serve you lot the return of domain proper noun and SSL certification that will remain with you even if y’all migrate your website from WebHostingBuzz to other.

This is one of the accurate features that I like about WebHostingBuzz that impressed us. For each i of the beginners out there this could be the best and most enhanced term that might fulfill your need. Then definitely cheque out once.

3. 1 click installation facility & migration support

When it comes to the installation of applications and setting it up it might a much amount of time merely through WebHostingBuzz over 450 of the applications are being installed only inside a click. Apart from this when you make your purchase nearly of the applications will it already pre-installed so we don’t take to install them individually.

As well there is no requirement of messy coding skills, just considering everything gets managed only inside a while with few essential drag and drop techniques.

Apart from this if you already has any other hosting provider hosting services all you demand to do if migrate tk the WebHostingBuzz. When most of the hosting providers of their used to accuse some sort of Penny for this service but WebHostingBuzz is providing for free and that’south the crucial thing that you demand to know.

Too they are completely viable with some of the advanced services that include JavaScript, HTML5, PHP 5, MySQL v, Pearl etc. So definitely have an eye upon it to grab their intensive services.

Even if you are only a beginner it will be user-friendly to go started with this kind of service from scratch.

4. Stable uptime speed

Equally stated earlier that WebHostingBuzz provides an authentic uptime speed that volition raise the adequacy of your website just because uptime speed is something that thing the most in terms of the functioning of the website. So if you are fleck wishes about y’all prepared and willing to serve an accurate experience to your readers then you definitely the hosting provider that provides you higher uptime speed of over 99%.

From by 12 months, Nosotros have observed their up-time speed and came to know that there are consistent is serving over 99.98% of uptime that gets our job done. And provides a great experience to our visitors.

Mode dorsum in 2018 the WebHostingBuzz was struggling plot without whatever speed but throughout the years they take sorted the bug and since so they’re consistently serving the best possible Uptime speed without any result.

Fifty-fifty if you’re only a beginner I won’t recommend yous to acquire the services of a hosting provider that serves you less uptime speed just because it will surely affect your complete website and restricts it to become on the top. WebHostingBuzz offers you lot bang-up speed and eventually, the performance also gets increases.

5. Greenest hosting

Different virtually of the hosting providers in the market, the WebHostingBuzz is considered to be one of the greenest hosting providers of all time that is consistent to serving you the all-time possible features acting upon the carbon natural source of free energy.

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So I’d yous’re someone like the states who’south supposed to give an input in saving the energy on this found it is easier for yous to Catch the hosting that serves the carbon natural power.

Most of the beginners just avoid this terminology but this is something that might affect the complete planet a lot, so If you’re bit witting information technology’s way essential for you to grab their services.

6. Discounts and same renewal toll

One of the most crucial issue which are existence seen these days is that near of the system provider out in that location is two charged actress penny during the renewal. But the WebHostingBuzz ks not the same, information technology’s because they used to offer a skilful facility as they won’t accuse yous a single bit of extra Kenny which means you’ll have to consistently pay the aforementioned amount equally before.

Apart from this it’s as well observed that the WebHostingBuzz likewise used to serve some sort of discount coupons as well that volition aid you to run across you lot bid corporeality of Penny while having your purchase. Their billing methods are too way convenient and not consumes equally much corporeality of fourth dimension which will aid y’all a lot.

It’s totally fine to say that their unique selling point is so on effective renewal cost which might grab ane’due south attention. So if you’re yet worried well-nigh renewal cost aught to worry as it’southward go sorted without paying actress money. So definitely check it out once for a better commencement.

So these were some of the key features that are beingness served to yous by WebHostingBuzz now let’south jump onto the pricing of each hosting programme that’south existence provided to y’all.

How much does WebHostingBuzz cost?

As the pricing is concerned with the WebHostingBuzz used to serve several unlike plans according to their requirement. They’ve categorized them so it will be meliorate for yous to make the decision as per the requirement.

1. Web Hosting

Web hosting is considered to exist the beginner-friendly and inexpensive hosting services that are beingness served to you lot by WebHostingBuzz. And so here are the plans of web hosting provided by WebHostingBuzz:-

  • The personal Pan is bachelor at just $5.99/ month. Where you’ll get around xxx GB of SSD storage and yous can a single website with it. Go access to 1GB of RAM
  • The developer programme is available at just $10.99/ month. Where y’all will get around 150 GB of SSD storage and you can host unlimited websites with it. Get access to 2GB of RAM
  • The business plan is available at just $25.99/ calendar month. Where yous will get access to unlimited storage and you can host unlimited websites with information technology. Get access to three GB of RAM

2. Reseller hosting

If you are having a decent corporeality of traffic to your website then you should definitely acquire the services of a reseller hosting that volition definitely maintain the sustainability of your website and performers will remain stable. Following are the price interiors of reseller hosting provided by WebHostingBuzz:-

  • The freelancer Pan is bachelor at just $12.99/ calendar month where you volition get around 50gb of SSD storage and you can host unlimited websites with it. The overall bandwidth is effectually ten,000 GB.
  • The SOHO plan is available at just $20.99/ month value volition become around 75 GB of SSD storage and you can host an unlimited website with it. The overall bandwidth is around 15,000 GB.
  • The agency program is available at only $30.99/ calendar month where yous will get effectually 100 GB of SSD storage and you can host unlimited websites with information technology. The overall bandwidth is around xx,000 GB.
  • The enterprise plan is bachelor at just $40.99/ month where you will get around 150 GB of SSD storage and y’all can host unlimited websites with it. The bandwidth is around 30000 GB.
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3. VPS (Virtual Individual Server)

Best highest speed VPS hosting is considered to be the all-time choice. Yous will notice that most of the fashion bloggers used to learn VPS hosting Services Ltd considering they used to serve the separate hosting server. Following are the plan which are being served to you by WebHostingBuzz VPS hosting:-

  • The VPS i is bachelor at $xiv.95/ month.
  • The VPS ii is bachelor at $29.95/ month.
  • The VPS 3 is available at $44.95/ month.
  • The VPS 4 is available at $59.95/ month.
  • The VPS 5 is available at $74.95/ calendar month.
  • The VPS 6 is available at $89.99/ month.
  • The VPS 7 is bachelor at $104.95/ month.
  • The VPS 8 is available at $119.95/ calendar month.

4. Defended server

The dedicated server program is considered to be the high-end program provided by WebHostingBuzz that will raise the capability of your website by serving a separate server facility to your website. Following are the details of pricing provided by the WebHostingBuzz defended server:-

  • In single processor will provide you a couple of plan that will price y’all around $119/ month and goes up to $169/ calendar month.
  • The dual-processor will provide yous a couple of plan that cost you around $249/ month and goes up to $439/ calendar month.

Now let’s head off to the pros and cons of WebHostingBuzz hosting. Then that information technology’ll be meliorate for yous to make up one’s mind whether they fits your demand or not.

Pros & Cons

We have compiled a listing of pros and cons that you demand to know earlier yous make your determination.


  •  the uptime speed of WebHostingBuzz is quite stable at 99.98%, and so no room remains to complain regarding the performance of the website.
  • Get access to 45 days of the money-back guarantee, so in case if yous don’t like the features you can a very for it at the aforementioned moment.
  • WebHostingBuzz is the greenest hosting provider in the market that produces carbon natural.
  • The free migration support is bachelor along with a unmarried click application installation support, and then you lot don’t have to practice it manually.
  • For maintaining the operation of your website the is to serve you the highest loading speed of effectually 450ms.
  • Get access to a gratuitous domain that volition final for a yr.


  • In that location is no whatever disbelieve for unusual and then y’all will take to pay accordingly equally per their regular payment costs.
  • They’ve odd termination clause that might bother you much.
  • The customer intendance back up of WebHostingBuzz is not upto the marking that might touch on your growth charge per unit in instance if you’ve any queries.

Should nosotros recommend WebHostingBuzz?

Aye for sure,

WebHostingBuzz is 1 of the emerging web hosting service provider of all time that is existence widely used all beyond the globe. The just reason behind its success is that they are consistently serving the best possible features to their users from last so many years without any bugs.

If you are just for beginners out there they have pretty compiled the amount which you tin opt the one that fit your requirement.

Final Verdict

The WebHostingBuzz is considered to be ane of the well-nigh user-friendly hosting providers of all time that serves as many features and take hold of your attention. In case if you are in search for reliable hosting services you should definitely have an centre on information technology just because they have pretty cool features with some of the best securities that are practical in them. This post was all about WebHostingBuzz Review.

Through this detailed mail service we have shared the complete review upon the WebHostingBuzz that you can proceed with and brand your decision to Grab one of their services in social club to host your website with information technology. So make sure to check them out substantially.

Web Hosting Buzz Review

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