Verizon Digital Secure Vpn Review

Verizon Digital Secure Vpn Review

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I recently began using the net for several online transactions that were required for my chore and urgently needed software that could protect my online net usage and identity online.

Verizon Digital Secure is the easiest to admission amidst the many recommended options because I too use Verizon equally my mobile service provider.

I looked in detail at whether using Verizon was an acceptable and efficient mode of securing my cyberspace usage and accounts and having spent hours researching the matter. I finally gathered a lot of data that would be useful to share.

Verizon Digital Secure is an app that provides an all-in-ane ready of tools to secure your mobile devices and habitation computers from malware, viruses, id theft, and a range of other dangers that come from using the internet from personal devices.

In this article, I have talked near what exactly Digital Secure is, how to install the free and paid versions of the app, how to disable Verizon Digital Secure, and whether information technology is worth the cost to purchase Verizon Digital Premium.

What Exactly is Verizon Digital Secure?

Verizon Digital Secure can exist used to secure your phone and PC and to safeguard your data and privacy while using the internet.

Verizon offers various protection services for your devices, including spider web security, Wi-Fi security, antivirus protection, system check, app privacy, VPN, ID theft protection, security advisor, and a firewall.

Which services are bachelor depends on the device you are using. Apart from the firewall, the unabridged range is available on Android, while iOS too doesn’t take antivirus protection or app privacy.

Is Verizon Digital Secure a VPN?

Verizon Digital Secure offers more services than a VPN, although it also includes a VPN called Safety Wi-Fi.

Verizon Digital Secure provides a holistic solution to many security issues that include:

  • Your Wi-Fi is protected with a system checker that provides anti-malware and antivirus functions
  • In case of a lost wallet, agents provide Wi-Fi VPN cyber monitoring facilities
  • Your online presence is thoroughly monitored and secured
  • In cases of identity theft, it offers expert help with recovering your ID
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Is Verizon Digital Secure Free?

Verizon Digital Secure does offer a free version of its software, which you tin access through its app on android, iOS, and Mac, or Windows PCs.

To use the gratuitous version of Digital Secure, you need to:

  • Download the app from your corresponding app stores
  • Navigate to the app settings
  • Click on Proceed to go along once you’ve read the ‘terms and conditions
  • Click “have’’ for the various permissions required past the app
  • Y’all should skip the option for upgrading to premium to showtime using the app

With Digital Secure Gratis, yous get antivirus, anti-malware, security overview, app privacy, web security, Wi-Fi security monitoring, and system check.

Verizon Digital Premium

The additional facilities offered by Digital Secure premium include identity theft protection and a VPN.

To upgrade from Digital Secure free to the premium, you need to:

  • Open the Digital Secure App on your phone or tablet
  • Navigate to the button on the page and look for ‘’Take control of your privacy and identity.”
  • Click on “Learn More’’
  • Select on continue later on clicking on subscribe

Verizon Digital Secure Premium is offered at 10$/mo with an additional v$ per line added.

How to Disable Verizon Digital Secure?

Yous may have found that Verizon Digital Secure is no longer working for you or have found an alternate software that does the same task for less coin. In this example, you volition desire to disable Verizon Digital Secure.

To do this, yous need to:

  • Navigate to the settings push on your phone
  • Select the Apps button from the settings menu
  • Search for the digital secure app and click on disable
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The steps to disable Digital Secure will vary from device to device. However, you lot will find the app in the settings tab of any phone or tab.

Verizon Digital Secure on Android vs. iOS

While on iOS, Verizon Digital Secure offers web security, Wi-Fi security, system check VPN, ID theft protection, security counselor, and a firewall, Android offers antivirus protection and an app privacy characteristic.

Digital Secure is available pre-installed in android phones provided by Verizon. All other devices, such every bit iOS and Pixel, require a download from their respective App Stores.

Is Verizon Digital Secure whatever Adept?

While Verizon Digital Secure does offering a holistic protection option for your accounts, cyberspace-based transactions, and spider web usage, there are reasons for concern while using Verizon.

The largest among these is that Verizon is an Cyberspace Service Provider and thus stands to proceeds admission to data used by millions of users.

All the same, it might be helpful to keep in mind that Verizon does offer several valuable services:

  • Hiding your actual IP Accost- this characteristic allows a considerable amount of protection while browsing the internet
  • Your connection is encrypted while using public Wi-Fi or hotspots
  • Although y’all practise pay for additional lines, yous can connect upwards to 10 devices on a single account
  • Crucially the service besides blocks malware and functions as an constructive ad blocker

There are pregnant disadvantages to consider when considering using Digital secure.

These include:

  • All your activity is monitored and logged
  • Most streaming sites block VPNs, and your app requires an anti-VPN engineering to become through, which Digital Secure doesn’t
  • Most standard VPNs these days offering more protection features like a Double VPN and DNS leak protection for less toll
  • The encryption levels and protocols used past Digital Secure are not publicly known

Contact Support

A recurrent problem with Verizon Digital Secure is that it is ofttimes challenging to enable permissions on the device y’all are using from.

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A particular program requests permissions yous are trying to utilize merely cannot be enabled past clicking on the relevant button.

In such cases and for like concerns, it might be helpful to contact Verizon directly through their contact support page.

Final Thoughts

Digital Secure protects your device from various harmful programs such as viruses, worms, spyware, keyloggers, bots, and other potentially subversive or unwarranted programs.

Digital Secure besides blocks access to suspicious sites and can be helpful for pop-ups and ads.

However, find the security features are not adequate for the toll. Yous could likewise try other security-based software such as CyberGhost, NordVPN, and IP Vanish.

These will also allow you lot to access streaming services easily and featherbed geo-blocking and VPN detection.

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Oftentimes Asked Questions

What is Digital Secure past Verizon?

Verizon Digital Secure is a multi-functional device security awarding that covers a range of features such as web security, Wi-Fi security, antivirus protection, system cheque, app privacy, VPN, ID theft protection, security advisor, and a firewall.

Is Verizon’s Digital Secure Gratuitous?

Verizon Digital Secure does have a complimentary version of the app that includes features other than identity theft protection and a VPN.

How practise I become rid of Verizon Digital Secure?

You tin can uninstall Verizon Digital Secure past going to the Products and Apps page on My Verizon, clicking on the manage your products tab on meridian of the page, selecting the account or line yous desire to uninstall, and clicking remove from business relationship.

Verizon Digital Secure Vpn Review