Tunnel Bear Vpn Reviews

Tunnel Bear Vpn Reviews

TunnelBear Reviews

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I heart tunnelbear


“…TunnelBear has gained a reputation every bit one of the easiest, most user-friendly VPNs. Indeed, when you switch the TunnelBear VPN to a new location, the little carry tunnels across the screen to the desired region. This is maybe a little contemporary, but this fun element serves to make the experience less technical and ease new users into the earth of VPNs.”


“The best affair near TunnelBear is that they make security simple: Tap on/off to connect or disconnect, and that’s all you need to do. To boot, TunnelBear doesn’t log, monitor, or store any data virtually applications, services, or websites users visit or employ while they’re connected.”


“TunnelBear VPN takes the mystique and technogeekery out of the VPN and does so with a delightful and whimsical user interface. I’ve tried a few of these types of apps and this is the ane I come back to once more and again.”


I heart tunnelbear

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Bobby S.

“First VPN I’ve ever used, won’t modify. I’ve been following TunnelBear for a long fourth dimension and have always wanted to bank check it out. When I finally did, I fell in love with the easy to use interface and the private browsing. Awesome feel.”

Sven Grand.

“Easy and funny interface. I utilise TunnelBear to become cheaper flights. Bear hug!”


“Super easy to gear up upward, fun pattern, fantastic service. Highly recommend this app.”


“Easily downwards the best VPN app I’ve used. I eventually upgraded to the Giant bear and apply TB on my home and work computers. Great support and very affordable for unlimited usage.”


“Tunnel On. If you’re at all aware of the intricacies and depth of the content yous are giving up willingly to large companies.. Y’all’d know you need to secure information technology. Quick, like shooting fish in a barrel, secure, and fast. Worth the money”

Alan J.

“Simply the best multi-platform VPN there is. No ifs or buts. It does exactly what information technology says on the tin can. Also the bears are cool.”

Stephen M.

“Works really well! Past far the best VPN client I’ve always used. No logging policy, fast speeds and standard 256 flake encryption. Never worry about others intruding on your life once more.”

Gil W.

“Grrreat for flaky wifi. My electronic mail server is sensitive to IP changes and bails out if the wifi is flaky. If I connect via TunnelBear, my server sees a steady IP and TB connects and reconnects on my end as required.”


“Works corking. Like shooting fish in a barrel to use. Plus, their Twitter page will let you know virtually any technical problems or server downtime. Keep up the practiced work.”

Noah H.

“Looking for a solid, hands-off VPN? Hither information technology is. TunnelBear is perfect if you want a stable, total privacy VPN with no logging, without having a lot of setup and configuration options. It’southward a prepare it and forget information technology solution.”

I heart tunnelbear

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We’re a team of privacy-minded people committed to building elementary apps that help fight censorship and restrictive networks. We pride ourselves on delivering grizzly-grade security that holds upwards equally from the neighborhood java shop to the front end lines of global censorship events.

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Tunnel Bear Vpn Reviews

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