Siteground Woocommerce Hosting Review

Siteground Woocommerce Hosting Review

Later on referring nearly 3,000 people to SiteGround equally an affiliate, I’m going to tell you why y’all should
utilise them again (and if you’re wondering why y’all don’t see more bad reviews about SiteGround, information technology’s because they censor Facebook Groups and too threaten to sue people).

Why they’re bad (TLDR): it’s shared hosting on SATA SSDs, their cache plugin does a bad job with cadre web vitals (encounter this table), and SiteGround’s CDN merely has fourteen PoPs with many lacking features, forth with a history of TTFB issues. SiteGround denies/censors people who talk almost these issues, like SG Optimizer’south ongoing compatibility issues or when their DNS got blocked by Google for iv days. Instead, they come up out with a “set,” then want to exist praised. Don’t fall for this.

Now here’southward my story:

I left SiteGround after paying about 4x in upgrades to set CPU limits (about the same time they started having TTFB bug, reducing back up, and covering up bad reviews with lies & threats).

Since moving which instantly fixed CPU/speed issues, I shared my experience on my blog. SiteGround started by terminating my affiliate account. Then they sent a stop & desist letter referring to a non-disparagement clause establish in their TOS which I’ve seen other affiliates get threatened for (they wanted me to remove all mentions of SiteGround from my blog, which I plainly didn’t). They
police several Facebook Groups
like WordPress Hosting + WordPress Speed Up which their customs manager and affiliates are admins for. They use this to ban people who speak out, promote their hosting, while failing to disclose they work for SiteGround.

If y’all’ve read my blog or about page, y’all know I’m all about transparency first, affiliate commissions second. I was one of SiteGround’s outset super affiliates and used to recommend them. Now, the hosting industry has gotten fifty-fifty more than corrupt between all the paid blogs and
“unbiased” Facebook Groups run past hosting companies themselves.
More people should know the crap they’re covering up. I encourage more people/affiliates to ignore SiteGround’south threats.

1. Censorship

How hard is information technology to postal service a bad SiteGround review without getting flagged, banned, or sued?

View the screenshots and you can make up one’s mind yourself.

Siteground affiliate program terms and conditions

SiteGround’s affiliate TOS includes a non-disparagement clause in section #ix

Siteground cease desist letter

They use this to threaten people who say negative things nearly them

Siteground legal

Source: Reddit

Hristo admin of wordpress speed up

SiteGround’s community manager and affiliates are admins for several major Facebook Groups

Siteground bans in facebook groups

SiteGround bans people who speak out about them

My siteground trustpilot review

Bad TrustPilot reviews are flagged

Siteground optimizer flagged reviews

Bad reviews for SiteGround Optimizer are flagged for no legitimate reason

This is the reason you don’t come across more bad SiteGround reviews and why they’re glorified in Facebook Groups. It’s complete deception and I will never support any company that does.

2. Irksome TTFB

Backlinko’s 2019 TTFB examination showed SiteGround had the slowest TTFB of all hosts tested.

Backlinko ttfb test

When SiteGround moved to Google Cloud, they originally used 1 of Google’s lowest tier
motorcar families
(N1). Yet on their web log, they said “using [Google’south] service will consequence in high speed for our clients’ websites.” Some other faux claim since their TTFB actually got much slower.

Google cloud machine families

SiteGround later moved to N2 in 2020 and is still using this auto family to engagement. While N2 is an comeback, it’southward still a “balanced” machine family unit and isn’t equally fast as the C2 machine family used on Kinsta and Elementor’southward Cloud websites (although I don’t recommend those either for other reasons). SiteGround will deny their TTFB is wearisome, just independent people say otherwise:

Siteground fluctuating ttfb

Siteground slow ttfb

Siteground slow ttfb left

iii. CPU Limits

If you’ve been with SiteGround long plenty, you lot’ve probably run into problems with CPU seconds are were forced to upgrade.

It certainly appears something is fishy considering countless people who originally had CPU limits on SiteGround moved away and they were fixed instantly (including myself). You can find SiteGround’s CPU limits on their hosting page when you lot hover over the “server resource” tab.

Siteground cpu limits

Almost hosts throttle your bandwidth which makes your site slow and can crusade 503 errors. Just on SiteGround, you lot have to upgrade (to add resource) or they volition send y’all an e-mail alert and somewhen take downwards your website. You tin expect it out, effort to fix it, upgrade plans, or leave.

  • Wait it out
    – your website will continue to be downwards until your CPU seconds are reset.
  • Prepare it
    – follow my guide on reducing CPU, but there’s no guarantee you can really fix information technology and SiteGround will never blame information technology on their own service. They’ll probably tell you information technology’s an issue with caching, scripts, bots, cron jobs, or plugins. Brand sure you lot check error logs too.
  • Upgrade
    – upgrading to GrowBig/GoGeek
    fix it, but never upgrade to SiteGround’southward cloud hosting. It’s been seen time and time once more that people who upgrade to their deject hosting however face CPU problems. When you get warnings on GoGeek, it’s 100% time to motion.
  • Leave
    – Vultr HF, LiteSpeed, and Rocket.cyberspace are all great options to reduce CPU. Vultr HF and utilize NVMe storage (and merely about 10% of traffic actually hits your origin on Rocket who offloads most of it to Cloudflare). LiteSpeed is more efficient than Apache and NGINX. Many hosts use Redis which uses retentiveness more efficiently than memcached.
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Siteground cpu usage limits

Siteground cpu limits joke

Siteground cpu limits

Siteground cpu limits leave

Siteground cpu limits database full

Siteground cpu limits attacks

Siteground cpu dance

4. SG Optimizer Lacks Features With Compatibility Issues

SiteGround Optimizer is adept for caching (dynamic, file-based, memcached, Cloudflare total page caching). But it is
skillful for cadre web vitals.

That’south why if you utilise SiteGround Optimizer, you should only use it for caching then employ a separate plugin like FlyingPress to handle everything else (make sure file-based caching is only enabled in 1 plugin). Perfmatters also addresses most lacking features in SiteGround Optimizer.

SG Optimizer WP Rocket FlyingPress
Server-side caching


Filibuster JavaScript

Remove unused CSS
Inline Separate file
Disquisitional CSS

Preload critical images

Past number
Exclude above the fold images By class By URL By number
Lazy load groundwork images
Inline Helper course
Fetchpriority resources hint


Lazy render HTML elements


Add together missing image dimensions

YouTube iframe preview paradigm

Self-host YouTube placeholder


Host fonts locally


Font-display: bandy

Preload links

CDN (beyond Cloudflare) SiteGround CDN StackPath BunnyCDN
CDN PoPs xiv lx 93
CDN Tbps N/A 65 80
Dynamic caching


CDN geo-replication


CDN prototype optimization


CDN image resizing for mobile


Documented APO compatibility

At that place are also abiding compatibility issues which back up constantly blames on other themes/plugins (you tin can check the back up threads yourself). In other words, it’southward not stable.

v. CDN But Has fourteen PoPs

SiteGround’due south CDN only has xiv PoPs while other CDNs similar Cloudflare have a much larger network of 270 PoPs (or’s 75 PoPs). Which is already a huge disadvantage for them.

Furthermore, you have to use SiteGround’s DNS to apply information technology, which remember, was previously blocked by Google. And do you lot really think SiteGround’due south CDN beats Cloudflare’s APO with Mirage/Shine for image optimization? Or’s HTML caching with HTTP/3? Cloudflare has ii,440 employees with x+ years in the industry, how well-nigh SiteGround? But think about it.

Siteground cdn
SiteGround CDN PoPs

Siteground cdn free vs premium
SiteGround offers a free/premium version

6. Their Cloud Hosting Is Atrocious

I’ve used information technology…

Information technology’s overpriced, slow, and doesn’t fix CPU limits. I fifty-fifty added more than CPU/RAM and was still getting CPU issues (plus my site wasn’t crazy fast later on doing information technology). There are fashion better cloud hosting options than SiteGround. So once yous outgrow GoGeek, I would get out immediately.

Siteground cloud hosting cpu limits

7. Google Blocked SiteGround’due south DNS For 4 Days

Hither’southward SiteGround’southward response when their DNS was blocked from Googlebot for four days.

In classic SiteGround mode, they claimed no responsibility by saying “there is no blocking on our end.” But and then 2 days afterward, they came out with a fix. SiteGround never advised customers to move to an external DNS. Many websites dropped in rankings or even disappeared from Google completely, resulting in a lot of lost time/money for customers. Feel complimentary to look information technology up on Twitter. And to use SiteGround’due south new CDN, y’all accept to use their DNS. Is that a chance you’re willing to accept?

8. High Renewals + Cost Increases

In the sometime days, SiteGround’s prices were cheaper, you could get the cheaper intro cost for 3 years, and they included a free migration.

They raised prices twice (one time in 2018 and in 2020), you only get the intro cost for 1 twelvemonth, and migrations now cost $30. Prices got higher and the value of their service dropped significantly.

Upon renewal, monthly pricing increases from $half-dozen.99 to $14.99 (StartUp), $9.99 to $24.99 (GrowBig), and $14.99 to $39.99 (GoGeek). Yearly, that’due south $179.88, $299.98, and $539.98. So if y’all’re on SiteGround’south hosting now, expect a large bill once your renewal prices come into play.

Siteground renewal pricing 1

In example you can’t read information technology, information technology says:

The special initial price applies for the offset invoice only. One time your initial term is over regular renewal prices apply.

Here was my bill for their cloud hosting (can’t believe I was paying this):

Siteground cloud hosting receipt

nine. Declined Support

I laughed when I noticed SiteGround’s back up was some of their tiptop Autocomplete results considering they’ve made it overly hard to find. Not fifty-fifty a telephone number of their site anymore.

SiteGround’southward support has gotten worse because:

  • It’s more difficult to reach.
  • Unwillingness to help set CPU limit issues.
  • They added a long “scope of support” disclaimer.
  • They previously disabled live chat for people who use it too much.
  • They cut off entire countries from support when they got too busy.
Siteground support google autocomplete
SiteGround hid their support, so now people people are using Google

10. Harder To Transfer Away From Site Tools

Whether you like Site Tools or not, it ain’t cPanel. And if you decide to leave SiteGround, your new host may charge you lot to migrate everything from Site Tools.

It was released weeks afterwards cPanel increased prices and at that place were many complaints of bugs and missing features. It as well didn’t curl out to some clients until over a yr later.  SiteGround is quick to replace something when they increment prices – but expect you to stay when they practice it.