Robuilt Host Camp Reviews

Robuilt Host Camp Reviews

Robert Abasolo runs the Robuilt YouTube aqueduct, where he shows off the tiny homes he’s built and talks nearly making money on Airbnb. He’south also got a step-by-step program to teach you how to unlock success with short-term rentals. It’southward called Host Campsite. Here’southward what you lot need to know. “Four years ago I listed my first flat on Airbnb,” Rob says. “My wife asked me, ‘Are you certain you lot know what you lot’re doing?’ Nope, sure didn’t. Just I was willing to figure information technology out.”

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“And honestly, I’m the kind of guy that jumps out of an airplane and assembles a parachute on the way down,” Rob continues. “Anyways, all to say, I practice think information technology worked out. And this minor side hustle that started in a six hundred square foot flat in Los Angeles, California grew into something much bigger. Into fourteen units that I now own across the state that make me a monthly profit of 20-5 thousand dollars. And boy oh boy are there some things I wish I knew when I got started.”

“Like pricing, for example. The right pricing strategy can either brand you or price yous thousands of dollars a calendar month, and I didn’t know that when I got started. Or automating your business or automating your cleaning service. This would accept saved me and then much time, from texting my cleaners 7 times a week, analogous when guests were coming in, when guests were coming out, how many guests were there gonna be, what kind of sheets are we needing, this and that. Ugh, aye, I definitely could’ve saved myself some time.”

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“Things are simply a lot easier when the parachute is already assembled for you before you jump out of the aeroplane. And the guidebook is written and you have a good mentor to whip you into shape. Over the last xviii months, I’ve gotten the opportunity to teach over a hundred thousand people on the Robuilt YouTube channel how to commencement their own vacation rental businesses. And a lot of these people have gone on to create mega successful Airbnb businesses. It’s been actually cool to see.”

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Naturally, Rob launched his own consultation business, where he’s at present coached over 4 hundred others to practise this very affair. He calls it an laurels to be on the ground-level of all these different Airbnb businesses. And merely seeing how people from all different walks of life were able to do information technology, from single moms to restauranteurs, Wall Street execs, small biz owners, and everyone in between. So as long as yous’re an entrepreneur and you want to create something that can produce passive income, Rob says HostCamp has your name on it.

Within, you’ll learn, where’s a skilful location to invest in an Airbnb? Should you purchase a house or a condo? How much do you really need to get started? What virtually market saturation? Who’southward gonna manage the property? And if
practice, and you’re two 1000 miles away, well, how’s that work? Host Camp will respond all that and more throughout six action-packed weeks of virtual training. There’southward 80-plus videos totaling more than than fourscore hours of instruction. You also get one alive video session with Rob each calendar month for a year. There’south a Facebook group, too, of course.

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“My hope is that by the end of the program, you lot’ll sit back and say, ‘Okay, it’south not and then bad. I tin can do this. I can start an Airbnb business.’ And y’all can. I know you can,” Rob adds. He believes Host Camp is worth more than 10 grand, but doesn’t say exactly what information technology will cost to join. Enrollment is by awarding just. Submit yours and book a call with his team to learn more. I thought it was an first-class, hype-gratuitous presentation, potent offering, very well done. I accept no desire to become an Airbnb Superhost, but I’d put my money on Rob if I did.

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Robuilt Host Camp Reviews