Reviews of Airbnb Hosts

Reviews of Airbnb Hosts

Out of Airbnb review ideas?  Don’t worry we got you covered with
300+ Not bad AirBnb Host review examples.

Airbnb Hosts, especially the
are working difficult to please their guests then they tin maintain 5 star list. Having a successful listing means having lots of bookings, lots of bookings means lots of guests that are waiting for a review.

Use some of the Airbnb host review samples bellow for your hereafter guests, or just employ them every bit an idea to create your own.

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AirBnB Host Review examples that you only need to Copy & Paste


Information technology was slap-up having (Guest name) and her/his friends stay with united states at the (Lising name). (GN) is a fantastic invitee to have. She/He followed all the business firm rules and left the (LN) very clean and very tidy. We are looking forwards to having (GN) stay with us again on her next trip to (LN) and the (CN). Always safe travels and great adventures!

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(GN) and her/his family unit were neat, information technology was a pleasure hosting them, they where easy to communicate with and tookcare of our home , they are certantly welcome back.

All the All-time.

. Such a pleasure to host and welcome guests from so far away! Lovely, piece of cake going, great communicators and took such great care of the apartment. I would happily welcome them back anytime and of course, recommend to any future host.

. It was our pleasure to host (GN) for a couple of days while they enjoyed the highlights of southern (CN). Nosotros found them to be very friendly, polite and considerate guests who looked afterward our property extremely well. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other hosts.

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. (GN) were great guests. We constitute them pleasant to talk with and they left the (LN) in great shape later on a calendar week’s stay. They seemed to bask the outdoors of the (CN). We would be happy to host them again!

half dozen
. Nosotros had a really overnice experience hosting (GN). From the kickoff, the communication was them was pleasant and smoothen. When they arrived, they proved to be really excellent guests. We are grateful for their visit and hope that they will come back in the future. Thanks!

. I would recommend (GN) to anyone renting out rooms! She/he was the perfect invitee! The adept qualities you would wait from a invitee in your own home. She/He was polite, considerate, sociable, helpful and tranquillity. Information technology felt good, safety and comfortable to have her/him living here. Equally a person she/he was wonderful to become to know. I would recommend her/him to anyone renting out rooms! You are always warmly welcome back! I wish you all the best.

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. (GN) came to visit with her/his partner and they are wonderful guests! I would highly recommend them to time to come hosts, they left the studio super clean. Thank you!

. (GN) was a wonderful guest. She/he communicated very well during her/his arrival. We were very happy to host her/him. She/he treated our place with respect and left it very clean when she /he departed. We would host (GN) over again anytime.

. (GN) stayed with us and were the perfect guests. Dandy to talk to, interesting people. We would highly recommend them to all other airbnb hosts. They took care of our home every bit if it were their ain.


Reviews of Airbnb Hosts