Reviews Bluehost Web Hosting

Reviews Bluehost Web Hosting

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Bluehost enables you to get a website up and running in minutes. It’due south a reputable web host used by millions to host their online projects, showtime businesses, and create something new.

What makes Bluehost so popular?

Information technology’s easy to utilise, even for first-timers, and it’s a great price.

You get a gratuitous domain name upon signing up (usually $ten-15 per year) and hosting costs as little as $two.95 per calendar month. Bluehost too comes loaded with features to help you get set up quickly.

Observe out more near what yous get, and why I recall Bluehost provides the best value for your money.

Bluehost main page for Bluehost Review

Bluehost Compared to the Best Web Hosting Services

Bluehost offers shared hosting plans at an entry-level toll. If y’all’re creating a website equally a commencement-timer, Bluehost is a safe and affordable option. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, you get a free domain name when you sign up. This is a nice perk that sets it apart from other upkeep options, along with its customer support options and affordable boosted hosting tiers.

I couldn’t name Bluehost as the hosting provider that gives you the all-time value for your money without seeing how it measured up to other providers on the market place.

To determine which hosting provider was genuinely worth your time, I compared dozens of competitors and narrowed it down to the top seven choices. See all of my top picks for cheap web hosting to become a more detailed overview of each one and a buying guide.

Who is Bluehost All-time For?

Bluehost is platonic for beginners that are starting a website for the outset or second time. Say you’re a blogger getting started in your niche, Bluehost enables yous to get an like shooting fish in a barrel start without sweating all the technical details.

Forth with their customer support features and like shooting fish in a barrel to navigate cPanel, Bluehost ensures your learning curve is as small as possible and gets your site publicly available to the world with plenty of uptime.

On the other paw, if yous’re looking to start an ecommerce business organisation with tons of products and need the best site speed and dedicated hosting, you might want to look at other options first.

Bluehost: The Pros and Cons


24/7 client support: Non every company can boast 24/vii customer back up, particularly at such a low entry-level toll. Bluehost’s customer support is in that location for you as you start your site, and anytime you need actress support troubleshooting site errors that are spring to happen.

One year of a free domain: Perchance 1 of Bluehost’s well-nigh highly-seasoned features is the free domain proper noun you get for a whole year. This eliminates the extra step of going through a third-party domain seller or investing more coin at your site’southward beginning.

Free SSL certificate: An SSL certificate, otherwise known as Secure Sockets Layer certificate, makes sure to authenticate the identity of your website and encrypts of import site information. In other words, it’s a must-have for any site you publish. Thankfully, Bluehost provides SSL certification for free.

Quick site setup:
With Bluehost, you tin can hands go your site up and running in no time with their intuitive and guided step-by-pace setup. And if you lot happen to encounter whatsoever trouble, you can tap into their chat support characteristic in real-time.

Bluehost is ideal for anyone venturing into creating and maintaining a website for the first time. This is because at that place isn’t a demand for advanced web direction knowledge or coding when you set up your site through information technology. To sweeten the bargain, they’ve partnered with WordPress and ensured that installing WordPress is a seamless part of the procedure.

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Charges for site migrations: Admittedly, when it comes to migration perks, Bluehost isn’t necessarily your all-time bet. If you desire help migrating your site, Bluehost charges at least $149 to migrate your site to or from another platform.

Not the best fit for loftier traffic sites: If y’all’re wanting to scale an already loftier traffic site and demand hosting to see those specific needs, an entry-level Bluehost plan isn’t going to cutting information technology. You tin can ever upgrade to their more than expensive managed WordPress tiers, which we’ll get into below.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost offers several pricing tiers that are pretty clear cut. Just afterwards going through them hither, you lot’re still unsure which i can work best for you, achieve out to them for a gratuitous consultation.

Information technology’s worth noting the price points for each shared hosting tier I review here are simply if you purchase a 36-calendar month hosting programme upfront. If you lot make up one’s mind to go with a 12 or 24-calendar month program, the monthly amounts modify accordingly.

Going with a calendar month to month plan will also hateful your monthly hosting fee will be a tad more than expensive. Regardless, Bluehost still stands every bit the most affordable and value-filled plan you tin cull, particularly as a beginner.

At present, here’s how each shared hosting tier breaks downwardly forth with its value.

Shared Hosting

Bluehost shared pricing page for Bluehost Review

A shared hosting Bluehost plan is hands down ane of the easiest ways to get started building your site. You can start with the Basic plan for $2.95, which is good to create one site with 50 GBs of space. That’s generous when you consider they also include free CDN and a free SSL certificate.

You don’t even have to know what a CDN or SSL certificate does–enable them with ane click to become a faster, more secure site.

It doesn’t stop in that location. Are you running a few websites? And so you’ll want to effort the Plus tier at $v.45 per calendar month. It includes everything in the basic plan tier, plus the power to host and manage an unlimited number of sites, and y’all’ll get access to Microsoft 365 for 30 days.

Non bad. It’s the nearly user-friendly tier if y’all want to reliably start more than one site from scratch without also much overhead toll.

Their near recommended tier, and the 1 that gets you lot the most bang for your buck under the shared hosting program, is the Option Plus tier at $5.45 per month with added security features.

You get everything in the beginning and second tier, plus gratuitous domain privacy and free automatic backup for a whole year. Since cyberspace security is a growing business in the online world and the price for this tier is the same as the Plus pick, this is the articulate winner in my volume every bit far as affordable shared hosting plans are concerned. Added security features tin but ever be a plus.

Finally, if you’re looking for a chip more than that, consider the Pro tier, sitting at $xiii.95 a month. With this programme, you’ll get additional CPU resources equally well every bit a costless defended IP.

As y’all can see, Bluehost goes out of their way to personalize each tier, so they’re useful in covering what you lot need. I recommend you accept some time to comprehensively look through each tier and its offerings to get the all-time deal according to your goals.

VPS Hosting

VPS, or virtual private server hosting, is when hosting is within a shared server but acts as a dedicated virtual space for your site. VPS hosting has become very pop, every bit it is less expensive than defended hosting but gives you better security and potentially better functioning than shared hosting.

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Bluehost VPS pricing page for Bluehost Review

Guaranteed resources are the name of the game when information technology comes to Bluehost’s VPS Hosting options. They stack upward against competitors well, equally they charge you only $xviii.99 for the standard VPN feature. This includes 2 GB of RAM and an boosted 1 TB of bandwidth.

Guaranteed resource are the proper noun of the game when it comes to Bluehost’south VPS Hosting options. They stack up against competitors well, equally they accuse you lot merely $eighteen.99 for the standard VPN feature. This includes 2 GB of RAM and an additional 1 TB of bandwidth.

Looking through each Bluehost offer, it’south clear they’ve positioned themselves every bit a beginner-friendly web host, but they besides burn the candle at both ends by offering affordable dedicated and VPS hosting. That’s a double win as far as hosting you can rely on if you lot enquire me.

Dedicated Hosting

The standout benefits of defended hosting are security, privacy, and even more command all effectually. If yous know y’all’ll desire the best of the best to host your site for scale and reliability, and then a Bluehost dedicated hosting programme is the way to become.

Is your site growing apace? Do y’all encounter more traffic coming in day after twenty-four hour period? Here’s where you’ll desire to look into defended hosting, yet some other reliable Bluehost plan.

Bluehost dedicated pricing page for Bluehost Review

To illustrate the power of a dedicated hosting programme, they outset you off at a whopping 500 GB of storage space, 4 GB of RAM, and 5 TB of bandwidth for just $79.99 a month. This puts Bluehost as a premium contender in the market, even for their pricier hosting tiers.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is an all-in-one managed platform that scales to any need your website has. All pricing plans for managed WordPress hosting through Bluehost include incredibly fast speeds, marketing tools, and multi-tiered security features.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting pricing page for Bluehost Review

The most dynamic hosting tier Bluehost offers is information technology’due south managed WordPress option. Yous can either go with the Build, Grow, or Calibration pick. Each ane offers a different hosting package to fit what you’re looking for. To make the all-time option if you lot determine to get with a managed WordPress selection, you’ll desire to base your determination on the amount of traffic they’re each appropriate for.

Each plan comes equipped with plenty of helpful features built to help your site grow. This means storage space starting at 20 GBs, access to over 200 global servers, scheduled backups, staging environments, and free SSL certification, just to proper name a few.

What differentiates each managed tier is ultimately their traffic chapters. Here’southward a quick overview:

  • Build – $nine.95 a month, best for 50,000 monthly visitors
  • Grow – $14.95 a calendar month, best for 150,000 monthly visitors
  • Calibration – $27.95 a month, best for 500,000 monthly visitors

Breaking it down by traffic makes it easy to choose a managed WordPress hosting programme that’ll requite you lot peace of mind and plenty of site uptime.

Bluehost Offerings

At this point, yous’ve learned nigh Bluehost’s hosting pricing. Just the fun doesn’t stop there. In improver to the hosting plans, Bluehost has other services.


Unsurprisingly, shared hosting is Bluehost’due south most popular hosting bargain because it lets you get your human foot in the door as far every bit getting your site up and running goes.

I’d say the number ane reason Bluehost’s shared hosting stacks up loftier when you’re comparing information technology to other hosting providers is their gratis SSL certification and their free domain name bargain. But equally far equally hosting your site on a server where you’ll share space with other sites like yours, information technology does its job.

Now, while shared hosting might be the best affordable hosting option for beginners, it won’t be what you desire to stick with as your site grows.

That’south why at that place’s dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Defended hosting is a more robust and reliable hosting pick for powerful site functioning, and VPS hosting offers increased ability, flexibility, and control.

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Online Stores

If you’ve already decided y’all’re going to outset your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, it can be every bit easy every bit choosing from the Standard or the Premium store hosting tiers to go started.

Bluehost online store plans for Bluehost Review

For a shop with a robust payment processing system that comes equipped with plenty of analytics and the ability to create basic store backups, then become with the Standard deal at $xv.95 a month.

Your store might be a bit more complex than a uncomplicated storefront with your product listings. If you’re going to capture subscriptions or online booking and date scheduling, you’re improve off with the Premium tier as a very reliable ecommerce option.

I’d say this is my superlative pick for a multifaceted online shop with a lot of moving parts. I’d rather pay a flake more for all the Premium features than need them and not take them for the sake of saving a few actress bucks.

Live WordPress Support

Bluehost offers Blue Sky, a service to teach users how to build, grow, and maintain any WordPress website through individual grooming and guidance. Alive WordPress Support starts at $29 per month for on-demand ticket support and fill-in assistance and goes as high equally $149 per month for SEO tools, assist with content optimization and mobile optimization, and access to Constant Contact.

Bluehost Blue Sky pricing for Bluehost Review

Professional person Marketing Services

In improver to hosting services, Bluehost has an offering to assist your business with design and marketing strategies to give you more time to focus on revenue-generating activities and running your business.

The four principal services offered past Bluehost in this realm are:

  • Full-service website support with design, marketing, and content help
  • SEO services to optimize your website and target keywords
  • PPC services to assist with pay-per-click campaigns and all-time practices to go more than customers
  • Website migration assistance, including one-on-one consultations to review your website before and after any migration

The cost for these services is not listed on the Bluehost website. You lot’ll need to contact them to discuss pricing and support options.

The Best Web Hosting Services

It’s never a good idea to make your conclusion based on only 1 piece of information. I recommend y’all check out my list of the meridian cheap web hosting providers to make certain you’re making the best option for your specific needs. Hither’south a quick overview of all my recommendations:

  1. Hostinger — All-time web hosting programme nether $1.l
  2. Dreamhost — The everyman spend on day i
  3. Bluehost — Best for new sites (especially WordPress)
  4. A2 Hosting — All-time web hosting under $iii for online stores
  5. HostGator — The best style to host your existing site for cheaper
  6. iPage — Best if you lot have multiple sites
  7. GreenGeeks — Best price for managed WooCommerce hosting

All in all, Bluehost is a reliable web hosting service that gives you the all-time value for your money. Information technology offers a bully entry-level shared hosting plan for every bit little as $ii.75 a month, ane gratis domain proper name for a year, as well as free SSL certification, and plenty of customer back up you can tap into at a moment’s notice.

Any comments on Bluehost as a groovy hosting service for beginner websites? Let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, get started with Bluehost hither.

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Reviews Bluehost Web Hosting