Review Domain Name Registrars

Review Domain Name Registrars

Want to bound straight to the respond? The best domain registrar service for well-nigh people is
GoDaddy or Hostinger.

Just need a domain name without hosting? is one of the all-time domain registrars for people that only need a domain name. Information technology’due south affordable and easy to use. Click here to get 25% off at with the coupon code QUICKSPROUT.

Demand hosting, too?
Y’all tin can instantly get a free domain name when you sign up for Hostinger web hosting (starting at simply $2.99/calendar month!). This is recommended if you need a hosting account for your new domain proper name, which most people do.

Finding the right domain registrar is crucial for your entire website-building feel. Merely there are thousands of options to choose from.

Fortunately for you lot, I’ve purchased hundreds of domain names throughout my career. So I know exactly what to await for in unlike situations. Based on my research and experience, I’ve narrowed downwardly and reviewed the pinnacle 7 domain registrars on the marketplace today.

Pro Tip: Get a
free domain
proper name when you bundle domain registration and web hosting together at Hostinger

  • Free domain proper name included
  • Plans start at $2.99 per month
  • 24/7 customer support
  • thirty-solar day money-dorsum guarantee

Get a FREE domain now

If yous’re buying multiple domains or planning to buy and sell domain names as a business concern, it’s usually best to go on domain registration carve up from web hosting. Domain registry and web hosting are very different, and yous should stick to adept providers for each service.

But if yous’re starting a blog or unproblematic portfolio website, it’due south perfectly fine to go your domain proper name and web hosting service from a single provider.

Hostinger is the best option to consider if you lot fall into this category. They offer a free domain proper noun with very affordable web hosting. Hostinger is the fastest and easiest way to become a new website up and running—and you tin salve coin by bundling your domain with a hosting packet.

The 7 Best Domain Registrars

  • GoDaddy
    — Best for domain protection and privacy
  • Hostinger
    — Best for bundling domain registration and web hosting
  • Porkbun
    — All-time for creative domain extensions
    — Best for fast and elementary domain purchasing
  • Network Solutions
    — All-time for long-term domain registrations
  • Namecheap
    — Best for affordable domain registration
  • NameSilo
    — Best for ownership domains in bulk
How to choose the best domain registrar.'s methodology for reviewing domain registrars.

I’ve reviewed all my summit picks in detail below. Read on to empathise your options and make an intelligent decision about buying a domain.

All-time Domain Registrar Reviews

GoDaddy — All-time for Domain Protection and Privacy

  • Included WHOIS protection
  • Optional extra privacy & security add-ons
  • Affordable and easy to search
  • Bulk search and buying

Start for $0.01

GoDaddy offers an affordable and simple domain registrar service.

Every GoDaddy domain comes with basic domain privacy and protection at no boosted toll. This means that your personal data, like your address, email, name, and phone number, is hidden from the public. While other domain registrars upcharge for domain privacy, information technology’s nice getting a freebie from GoDaddy.

For even more privacy, you can upgrade from basic coverage to a Full Domain Protection or Ultimate Domain Protection plan.

GoDaddy domain protection

This is great if privacy and security are important to you—and they should be. Information technology shields your identity from scammers, hackers, and other people with malicious intent.

GoDaddy as well offers i of the all-time introductory offers in the industry. Y’all can become a domain name for just $0.01 for your showtime year with a two-year registration. It’due south tough to detect a better deal from such a reputable domain registrar.

GoDaddy current deal

For a picayune extra, yous tin can save 39% past bundling an email that matches your domain and full domain privacy. This package starts at just $2.50 per calendar month for a .com domain.

Another standout of GoDaddy is its bulk domain search tool. With just a few clicks, y’all can check the availability of up to 500 domains at once and buy all of the available ones.

This feature makes it easy to list or park domains using GoDaddy—platonic for anyone who wants to get involved with the domain investing game.

If you lot see that a domain y’all really want is taken, you lot tin leverage GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service. They’ll assign a dedicated amanuensis to human action as an intermediary between you and the owner of the domain, helping you go the best deal you tin for it.

Try GoDaddy today and get your outset year for just $0.01.

Hostinger — Best for Bundling Domain Registration and Spider web Hosting

  • Complimentary domain proper name included
  • Plans get-go at $2.99 per month
  • 24/7 client support
  • 30-mean solar day money-back guarantee

Get a FREE domain now

Hostinger is the all-time way to get free domain registration along with web hosting.

Instead of getting these from dissever providers, use Hostinger and take intendance of everything in one place.

Yous’ll get fast, reliable, beginner-friendly spider web hosting, and yous won’t have to pay whatsoever fees for domain registration for the first twelvemonth.

Seriously, Hostinger offers gratis domain registration with plans starting every bit low equally $2.99 per month.

Information technology’due south the service we recommend if you’re building a brand-new website. You can search for the perfect domain name on Hostinger, ready web hosting, and launch your website in minimal time.

Hostinger domain availability checker

WordPress is a i-click install with Hostinger, which makes it piece of cake to first getting content on your site. What’s fifty-fifty better is that Hostinger offers one-click installs for more than 100 other apps.

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Hostinger likewise includes free SSL certificates, which many domain registrars volition charge you extra fees for. Plus it’s easy to handle SSL certificates in hPanel, Hostinger’s user-friendly dashboard for managing your site.

Another perk of getting your domain through Hostinger is the gratuitous privacy protection. The company automatically masks your contact information from the public WHOIS database. Other registrars will charge $ten-$15 per year for this service.

Register your domain with Hostinger, lock in a cracking rate on web hosting, and get your site online in minutes. Salve time and coin setting upwards your domain with Hostinger.

Porkbun — All-time for Artistic Domain Extensions

  • Best deals on unique TLDs
  • Most competitive renewal rates
  • Purchase upward to ten years
  • Free WHOIS privacy & SSL

Snag your domain now

Porkbun is a relative newcomer on this list, just they accept made a name for themselves with affordable, competitive pricing–including on renewals, where a lot of domain registrars become you. Porkbun is committed to keeping its prices low and its options wide open.

With so many .com domains snapped upwardly or fashion likewise expensive, it’s platonic to be able to take advantage of alternative domain extensions that make your URL–and your make–more memorable.

Searching keywords on Porkbun will return a lot of new and trending domain extensions to choose from. Starting a web log about the best kinds of camping ground gear? Snag .review or .army camp. Want to prove off your portfolio and get new gigs? Attempt .studio, .art, or .ink.

Porkbun homepage.

A lot of these nontraditional merely easy-to-call up extensions are available from Porkbun for under $8 for your kickoff year. And they have literally hundreds to choose from, leading to well-nigh endless possible combinations with your desired keywords. Of course, they have .com domains available, likewise, starting at $four.75 to register a new one.

Right at present, you can get a .shop extension for your web store starting at only $ii.04 for the offset year. That’s an incredible initial deal and it renews at a still reasonable $26.85/year subsequently that. That’s improve renewal pricing than just most anybody else on this list.

Y’all can also buy more than one yr upfront, up to 10. Sure, y’all’ll lose out on the sweet starting time-twelvemonth discount, just you’ll be able to secure your home on the spider web for upwards to a decade at Porkbun’s great rates. That same .shop extension tin be locked down for ten years for just $228.93, an even amend rate than their renewal pricing.

Plus, every domain purchase comes with the following extras for free:

  • WHOIS privacy
  • SSL certificate
  • URL and email forwarding
  • Trials of Porkbun’southward site builder, spider web hosting, and email hosting

Half of domain hunting now is brainstorming the correct combination of keywords and extensions. The latter tin can be hard if you lot don’t know what’s bachelor. But Porkbun’s helpful pages for trending domain extensions and their all-time deals can help you lot find something constructive and cheap. At the time of this writing, Porkbun has the lowest registration cost on the market place for over 200 extensions. And they have over 500 full available domain extensions.

Get creative with your URL and make something memorable that won’t cost an arm and a leg to annals. Find your site’s one-of-a-kind home by registering a domain through Porkbun. — Best for Fast and Uncomplicated Domain Purchasing is i of our pinnacle picks because of its quality of service, overall simplicity, and affordable privacy protection.

You can get a .com domain from for but $nine.99 per yr. They also give you the option of purchasing the domain for up to five years, which means you can set information technology and forget information technology for the foreseeable future. pricing and domain availability page.

Where they really polish is in keeping your overall domain costs lower than average. While domain privacy and protection are ii of the most important things when y’all ain a site and domain, information technology is one of the add-ons where costs tin can really add up. only charges $8.99 per year for Domain Privacy + Protection. To compare, Network Solutions is $ix.99 per twelvemonth and only protects your data in the WHOIS database, skipping additional domain protection similar malware scans.

Hostinger includes free WHOIS privacy protection with nearly domains registered through their service, which can amount to pretty big savings if you have a lot of domains.

With the add-on of’s SiteLock, you’ll get regular malware scans and blocklist prevention.’south privacy protection also removes your personal contact information from the database and replaces information technology with its ain.

You can add together Domain Privacy + Protection at any time and it is bachelor for all of the most popular domains, such equally .com, .cyberspace, .org, .co, and more. In that location are some that don’t back up domain privacy, including .ae, .es, .gg, and others. You lot can verify with the company if your chosen domain is supported.

Beyond privacy, has other excellent services and 24/vii customer support. For instance, yous may exist able to save even more than money if you want to use them for hosting. Shared hosting with is $3.75 per month whether y’all commit to 12 or 36 months. This is unlike some other hosting services, which only give yous a lower monthly cost if you commit to several years upfront.

Y’all can use the website or online store builder to go everything you need in one identify or use their services for domain transfers. They make the transfer process very easy.

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The unabridged buy procedure tin be completed in a minute, including grabbing the privacy and protection add-on.

Fittingly for its own domain name, should be ane of the first places you look for a domain. Get 25% off with coupon code QUICKSPROUT

Network Solutions — Best for Long-term Domain Registrations

  • Register a domain for a century
  • Like shooting fish in a barrel majority search
  • Private domain registration
  • Expiration protection

Detect your domain

Information technology’s crucial to lock down your dream domain once you lot find it. You want to own your prime real manor on the web for as long as possible without any worry about losing it by missing a renewal.

Network Solutions goes above and across the other registrars out there—you can secure your domain for anywhere from i twelvemonth to 100.

Network Solutions homepage.

Y’all’ll have to pay upfront for the full 100 years if that’s the route yous desire to become (and in that location are no prorated refunds for changing your heed around the half-century mark). Merely if yous’re betting on the longevity of your organisation, company, or personal make, Network Solutions makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to gear up your domain up for the long haul.

While a full century might be overkill, the registrar’southward options for 10 and xx-year terms are a existent plus compared to other options on my list.

Fifty-fifty if yous go with a shorter term, for just $ix.99 per domain you can get expiration protection. If you forget to renew, are unable, or if y’all just take an old credit bill of fare on file that can’t exist charged when renewal time rolls around, Network Solutions will keep your domain condom from poachers and rate hikes for up to a twelvemonth.

Network Solutions likewise offers two mutual features, domain transfers and private registration, but in terms of cost they’re a niggling steeper than the others on this list.

Notwithstanding, Network Solutions has better search capabilities than nigh, allowing you to employ their portal to bid on expired domains, place a certified offer on held domains, browse the inventory of premium reseller domains, search in bulk for upwards to 25 keywords or phrases, and score pre-registration deals on new domain extensions.

In whatsoever case, this is the registrar you need if y’all’re looking to lock down your dream domain for decades.

Head over to Network Solutions to search for your domain proper noun today and apply coupon code QUICKSPROUT to get 25% off.

Namecheap — Best for Affordable Domain Registration

  • Free privacy protection
  • Simple checkout procedure
  • 24/7 live conversation support
  • Find and buy a domain name in 2 minutes

Search for your domain

True to their name, Namecheap offers slap-up domain names at incredibly affordable prices.

They also give y’all a swift domain purchasing experience. In less than two minutes, y’all’ll exist able to purchase and register a domain name for less than the price of your average UberEats meal.

There are also limited upsells, nil confusing about the process, and nothing to ho-hum y’all downward either.

It’s everything I want in a domain purchasing experience and nothing I don’t.

When you lot go to checkout, hither’south my suggestion for which upsells to buy–ignore everything. Seriously, there’south nothing extra yous need to purchase. Namecheap already provides domain privacy via a WhoisGuard subscription, a privacy protection that prevents your personal contact data from being displayed in the publicly accessible WHOIS database—and that’s free forever.

Every bit long as your domain is with Namecheap, you lot’ll never pay for WhoisGuard. GoDaddy, on the other hand, charges $10 per year for information technology, and most other web hosts that offer domain registration charge $12 per year.

Namecheap final checkout screen with free WhoisGuard

Once you’ve purchased your domain, the dashboard is conspicuously laid out.

I’ve found Namecheap’s knowledge base to be thorough and helpful. Smashing documentation is cardinal, since buying and setting upward a domain isn’t part of nearly people’s expertise. It’south merely not something you do every day.

If you demand more support, Namecheap has 24/7 live chat assist and a 2-hour ticket response time.

Maximize your small budget by grabbing a domain through Namecheap.

NameSilo — All-time for Buying Domains in Majority

  • Easy bulk domain buying
  • Reduced rates for massive bulk buys
  • Free WHOIS privacy
  • Few upsells

Find your domains

NameSilo is the second-fastest-growing domain registrar in the world. A big reason for this is their easy and affordable way to buy domains in bulk.

With only a few clicks, you’ll be able to search for hundreds of bachelor domain names and purchase them. You also get a huge discount for bulk domain purchases.The NameSilo website is dated and belies its strength as a top domain registrar

In fact, their lowest rates clock in at $8.39 per domain per yr if you purchase 5,000+ domains. That’southward easily the everyman rate out in that location for domains.

Of course, you’ll have to purchase enough domains to populate a small town. But if your business concern wants to secure an array of potential branding opportunities or get into the domain trading business organization, this is a fast and cheap way to do information technology.

NameSilo checkout screen when purchasing a domain name

There are almost no upsells and you lot tin can start configuring your domain at checkout—linking it to a 3rd-party service (like a website builder) and entering custom name servers. Don’t forget to opt-in to WHOIS privacy protection.

Oh, and NameSilo throws in domain privacy for gratis (though you’ll need to opt-in by selecting it in your cart).

Become started with NameSilo today.

How to Find the Best Domain Registrar

Finding the correct domain registrar for your business can be tricky. Even in a list like this, how do you lot choose when each option is slap-up?

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Let me aid you break information technology downward.

Below are the criteria I used when compiling this listing. I judged each product against these benchmarks to see how they performed. Employ the following information as a framework to aid guide your conclusion based on your unique needs.

Free vs. Paid Domain Protection

When you lot sign upwards for a domain, you need to provide data for WHOIS—a public database filled with information about users who take purchased a domain proper name or created an IP address.

Think of it equally a phone book for the Internet. Like a phonebook, you tin use information technology to observe the personal information (including the name, phone number, email address, and mailing address) of anyone with a domain name.

Spammers love the WHOIS directory. It gives them easy access to dissimilar people they can attempt to contact—as well as their contact information.

Luckily, you lot can go along the data out of their hands with domain privacy and protection.

Nearly domain registrars, like Namecheap, include WHOIS protection for free. Those who don’t charge about $12/year.

That might determine your ultimate decision on which domain registrar you go with. You’ll definitely want to research the domain registrar’due south WHOIS privacy policy and whether or not you’ll accept to buy it at checkout.

You tin can as well employ your business info, since it’south already publicly available. Merely whatever you do, definitely don’t use your personal info unless you want to field spam telephone calls and emails after your domain purchase.

Do You Need a Web Hosting and/or a Domain?

Information technology’southward mutual for domain registrars to offer web hosting services. It’s as well mutual for web hosting providers to offer domain registration.

These bundles might seem tempting, only in almost cases you should keep each service separate. Why? Separation gives y’all a lot more flexibility if you want to modify web hosts and/or domain registrars in the future. It too improves the quality of service on both.

I’d only recommend registering a domain and getting hosting with the same company if you’re not planning to purchase more domains in the futurity. Companies that offering domains and hosting together volition tout the power to save money by doing both together. However, when you are purchasing a large number of domains, you often can receive a improve deal by shopping around and separating the two services.

If you are doing something uncomplicated, similar starting a weblog or personal website, using the aforementioned visitor for both web hosting and for purchasing a domain can work well. When yous take a uncomplicated website in your plans, you can save some money by using the same company.

If you do decide to bundle your domain registrar and web host in one provider, you lot should utilize Hostinger. It is the best service when it comes to delivering both of these services at an extremely high level while offering both of them a dandy cost.

Quick and Easy Domain Transfers

Domain transfers are a sneakily important aspect of a practiced registrar. This is peculiarly true if you have chosen to bundle your services.

Why? At some point y’all’re likely going to transfer your domain, particularly if y’all’ve called to bundle information technology with a web hosting service.

While I do recommend bundling with Hostinger for beginners, Hostinger is probably not the terminal place your website will live if you go
go serious about growing your traffic and spider web presence.

Y’all also might end up finding a better deal with a different domain registrar later on. Or you might just non gel with the electric current domain registrar.

Any your reason, you lot’re going to want to brand sure you cull a domain registrar with a clear and straightforward transfer policy. It shouldn’t toll you lot a agglomeration of money and time on the telephone with a customer support rep just to transfer your domain to a new registrar down the road.

As you research, see what it takes to transfer a domain from their platform. Make sure it’s spelled out in articulate and plain language. If non, yous might end up resenting your choice down the route.

Bulk Domain Purchasing

This certainly won’t employ to almost of yous—just for those it does employ to, this will be an important consideration.

Does the domain registrar y’all’re researching offer bulk purchases? This can be an of import tool for many businesses, especially if you’re building out multiple sites or if y’all’re looking to become into the domain parking game.

Platforms similar Namecheap, NameSilo, and GoDaddy are fantastic options if yous want to purchase domains in bulk. They even offer peachy promotions and discounts, too.

But be certain to find a domain registrar with a
unproblematic and user-friendly
bulk purchasing tool. That means information technology’s easy to use, and pushes no upsells or subconscious fees.

Information technology’s manner too piece of cake to get caught up in a flashy tool, only to subsequently discover out that you accidentally purchased a ton of upsells you didn’t need.

The Pinnacle Domain Registrars in Summary

Whether you’re ownership a new domain for the first time or purchasing domains in bulk as an investment, finding a reliable domain registrar will brand your life much easier.

GoDaddy and Hostinger are the top domain registrars on the market today. GoDaddy stands out for its simple registration process with domain privacy and protection included with every purchase. Hostinger offers a free domain with web hosting—perfect for beginners who want to bundle both services from the aforementioned provider.

Review Domain Name Registrars