Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review

We’ve had our fair share of WordPress hosting experiments here at CodeinWP. Back when we started in early 2013, like most blogs, we didn’t pay much attention to the hosting setup that we were on. Since the traffic was low anyway, nosotros didn’t see the value in investing much in hosting.

But our needs have grown over the years, and with ten,000+ people visiting the weblog every solar day on the boilerplate, it has become articulate that we should really rethink how the site is hosted, how it can be optimized, and what we can do to give our users a consistent experience no matter the load.

Fast forrard a scrap, our previous host immediately before Kinsta WordPress hosting was WiredTree. And I honestly can’t say anything bad about the company, nor was at that place anything incorrect with the hosting platform itself.

It’s only that over fourth dimension, and with more than sites joining our portfolio, nosotros’ve constitute Kinsta’s offering to exist more tempting.

A scattering of factors contributed to that. For instance, with no server-side caching, the site started running actually boring at some point, and the TTFB (time to beginning byte) was rather not stunning. And then we needed a change.

We also considered Pagely when thinking about the move. All the same, somewhen, we decided to become with Kinsta considering they allowed us to gear up a reverse-proxy for the blog for free. Pagely put a $200/calendar month toll tag on that.

Overall, we’ve just gotten convinced past Kinsta’south peachy reputation and their focus on the “managed WordPress hosting + ease of apply” combo. Additionally, the user input nosotros were getting from our terminal WordPress hosting survey as well pointed out Kinsta WordPress hosting equally i of the top-quality solutions.

Simply permit’s get-go at the commencement:

What’south Kinsta WordPress hosting anyway?

So what is Kinsta and their Kinsta WordPress hosting package anyway? Also, what makes them different from every other web hosting plan for WordPress out in that location?

For me, the i judgement summary of Kinsta’south offering would be: The ability of Google Deject Platform hosting made accessible and easy to grasp for anyone.

And sorry if that sounds a fleck promotional on my part, but that’s honestly how I experience. Just to give you one quick instance of what I hateful (before we become into it more deeply later on), Kinsta doesn’t seem to believe in the traditional cPanel admin for managing your hosting account. Instead, they give y’all their own custom solution, which is much easier to use, and gets y’all straight to the about important details/metrics.

But let’s start at the starting time. Under the hood, Kinsta WordPress hosting is:

  • A fully managed WordPress hosting platform. And I know that “managed” is a label that many hosts like to use, merely with Kinsta, their focus on handling everything management-related for you is very credible. For case, the aforementioned admin panel doesn’t fifty-fifty have any purely management-like options in it.
  • It runs on Google Cloud Platform.
  • It offers
    Business organization,
    Enterprise, and
    hosting solutions based on your needs.
  • The nearly basic plan gives yous:
    • The ability to run one WordPress site
    • 10 GB of SSD storage
    • Upto 25,000 unique visits/month
    • i free site migration
    • 1440 daily uptime checks per site
    • The ability to hook up a CDN of your choice
    • Let’s Encrypt support
    • HTTP/two support, PHP 7
    • SSH, WP-CLI, Git support
    • Automatic database optimization per week to boost the performance.
    • Self-healing PHP technology
    • Premium DNS management
    • (learn more than most Kinsta’s core features here)
  • You become to choose your data centre location
  • Staging areas bachelor
  • All-encompassing cognition base available

For us, the features of Kinsta that stood upwards the nearly were these four:

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SSL support through Let’s Encrypt. Basically, from your Kinsta WordPress hosting admin panel, you tin easily install an SSL certificate on your site, and it’south all gratuitous (role of your current plan). Plus, since it’s Let’s Encrypt nosotros’re talking about, this too means that you don’t demand to get through the whole old-school (and fourth dimension-consuming) procedure of obtaining your certificate keys, etc.

You tin utilize a CDN of your choice. It’south oft with hosting firms that they have some restrictions as to which other solutions you’re allowed to use with their servers (for instance, WP Engine fifty-fifty has a list of banned WordPress plugins), so it’south nice to run across that Kinsta is willing to work with your current CDN.

Optimized and idea-through backups. Daily backups are somewhat of a standard feature these days amidst hosting firms, just Kinsta all the same manages to stand out with their specific implementation of that. Backups are created instantly and with no server overhead. Plus, instead of those being backups of your website elements separately (e.yard. database, files, settings, etc.), it’due south actually a backup of your whole isolated organization. Because of that, the backups can be then restored with a single click.

Free migration. This one is obvious. When switching hosts, you really don’t want to pay for the migration, nor have to do information technology by yourself. In our instance, I can only confirm that Kinsta’southward migration works without any hiccups.

As y’all tin see, information technology’s very dissimilar from what solutions like cPanel got u.s.a. used to. To say it merely, Kinsta’due south panel
focuses more on your daily/regular tasks
every bit related to your hosting platform, rather than on server administration per se.

Through the panel, you can easily admission:

  • Your sites – information technology’southward also where you tin can tune the initial setup, create new FTP accounts, see your past backups, add HTTPS, etc.
  • Site migrations – a nice overview of all site migrations done on your account + the ability to perform more.
  • DNS settings.
  • Analytics – this section I really similar. It’due south a prissy add-on on tiptop of what you get from a third-party analytics script.

There are besides sections for Billing, Settings, Activity Log, and User Guide.

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Our initial impression of Kinsta WordPress hosting

Overall, the impression has been positive, simply there were some minor issues along the way.

First of all, the setup and the migration itself were done with no trouble. One 24-hour interval the site was on Pagely, the other information technology was on Kinsta.

(Personally, I wasn’t involved in the migration procedure at all, and the only reason I noticed something had changed was because I was, unfortunately, editing a post right during the fourth dimension of the migration. So I did my work, saved everything, refreshed the page … and the changes were gone. Equally information technology turned out, I worked on those changes on the old version, and then saw Kinsta’southward when I refreshed the whole thing.)

Right after the move, we saw a nice drop in response times, from around 400 ms to circa 50 ms.

kinsta response time

The operation was stiff, to say the least, with noticeable improvements even when accessing the site manually without any measuring tools.

But non to make the story too perfect, nosotros besides experienced some unexpected downtime. In total, that downtime added upwardly to ane:30h over the span of simply one calendar month.

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Some of our UptimeRobot stats:

No thing how you look at it, 1:30h is a lot. If we do some math, that 1:30h translates into 99.79% of overall uptime, which is not a consequence you’d be satisfied with immediately after moving to a new host.

In the end, the upshot has been resolved, and we haven’t seen any significant downtimes since that first calendar month (September 2016). Overall, we’ve been happy with Kinsta’s performance ever since.

Around a month after the move, we likewise decided to switch the site to SSL. The process itself was handled smoothly, but this did in the end bump our response times back to slightly below the 100 ms marker (yous can see this in i of the screenshots higher up).

This is somewhat expected, though. SSL is always more resource intensive, as the software/browser on the other end has to decode the answer each time before displaying it.

Performance of Kinsta WordPress hosting

Performance is maybe the 2d virtually of import characteristic of a good WordPress host – the offset one being reliability.

And site speed in itself has gotten a lot of press in the contempo years. Some believe that it’s crucial for SEO, while others aren’t as convinced. However, everyone is absolutely convinced that a quick-loading site is essential for user experience, and that cannot be challenged.

So naturally, nosotros expected Kinsta to give us tiptop performance!

And right off the bat, I have to admit that we messed this function upward a scrap. I mean, the web log isn’t a particularly optimized one when it comes to the source code it uses and the various paw-made tweaks that take been washed to it over the years.

Even so, fifty-fifty with a handful of F’s awarded to united states past Pingdom, Kinsta WordPress hosting still somehow manages to load everything in 2 seconds. Plus, something I showed y’all before – our TTFB – has been cutting by 50% (and that including the increment we experienced when switching to SSL).

What hosting survey data says about Kinsta

A while ago, we ran what turned out to be the biggest WordPress hosting survey out at that place. The results have been really insightful, and we’ve used them as a data foundation for a couple of manufactures since.

Granted, Kinsta only got a handful of responses in that survey, just they were all actually positive. In fact, they were and so positive that we even looked into where those entries were coming from, and if in that location was peradventure anything fishy going on behind the curtain. In that location wasn’t.

Summary. Kinsta offers fast, reliable managed WordPress hosting based on the Google Deject Platform. Users seem to love it and information technology is probably among the fastest-growing WordPress companies in the by two years.

Hither are Kinsta’south ratings according to the respondents in our survey:

How piece of cake information technology is to go started with Kinsta

Once yous sign up, yous have two options: you tin either start a new site or migrate an existing i.

Starting a new one is extremely simple. You simply get to your user panel > Sites > and click on “Add Site.” At this stage, you need to provide some basic info:

Kinsta install new WordPress site

Migrating an existing site is nearly but equally elementary, but it does involve giving Kinsta more details near your electric current installation. But that’due south actually a practiced thing; it only means that Kinsta wants to learn all the ins and outs of your site earlier migrating it onto their servers, hence minimizing any failure probability.

Kinsta migrate

Once you fill out that form, Kinsta picks upwardly and takes care of the whole procedure for you.

What makes Kinsta dissimilar from the competition

In my opinion, it comes down to the following:

  • Kinsta gives you the power of a large hosting platform – Google Cloud Platform – still does so in a very easy-to-use way, and so that you don’t even have to be enlightened of everything that’s going on under the hood.
  • Kinsta WordPress hosting is performance-optimized and ready for whatsoever traffic spikes you lot might throw at it.
  • It offers great security, while at the aforementioned fourth dimension keeping everything backed up.
  • Final but not least, they besides seem to have a no-nonsense approach when it comes to their server parameters, promised operation and bandwidth metrics.
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One of the few weak points that we’ve noticed with Kinsta is their rather basic staging environs. In short, the just option is to drift everything to live. Yous can’t, for instance, move simply the files or the database. This isn’t that usable if you lot’re working on an existing site and only desire to modify a thing or ii near it. For new sites, though, I guess it’s cool.

Here’s a side-past-side comparing of some of the popular managed hosting solutions, just to give y’all a better overview of Kinsta’south place at the table:

Also, the thing worth noticing in these pricing tables is the allowed free bandwidth. We’re on the Business 2 plan, and so we get up to 250,000 monthly visits. Speaking from experience, this is non that much for the price, and for a site that gets meaning traffic, it might get drained very speedily. And since this plan allows you lot to have up to 10 sites, the bandwidth problem becomes even more serious.

Luckily, you practise become some CDN integration with your plan, which will help, since you get most of the static traffic through the CDN and hence not swallow your valuable Kinsta bandwidth. For us, the CodeinWP blog lone consumes 241GB of CDN data a month.

When information technology comes to what’southward ofttimes the quiet killer of hosting bills – overage charges – those are not that brutal with Kinsta. If you become over your allowed bandwidth, you don’t get cut off or annihilation, but merely get charged $1/i,000 visits. (Our previous hosting setup was a VPS with 4TB of bandwidth, so we didn’t actually take to worry well-nigh going over that.)

In the end, if your site is small enough, you lot should exercise okay with just the gratis bandwidth in your Kinsta account, but if it’southward an established site, y’all will very quickly observe out how little 100,000 or 200,000 UVs actually is.

Should you choose Kinsta?

Manifestly, Kinsta WordPress hosting is not for anybody.

In all honesty, it’s probably not the best pick for sites that are just starting out or sites that have a low traffic volume.

There are specific scenarios, however, where you will be able to benefit from Kinsta’s offering greatly.

Utilise Kinsta WordPress hosting if:

If you run a site that’s on the rise and has a prissy steady (or rapid) growth month later month.

If you run an established website with consistent, big traffic, and you simply don’t like surprises regarding outages, fails, and other fun things.

If you lot run a straight online concern, like an e-commerce store, where practiced site performance is of the essence … since it translates into dollars pretty directly.

If your site tends to feel sudden spikes in traffic – exist information technology a result of a viral promotion or anything else – and if being able to handle those spikes is essential to your business (for case, if it leads to sales).

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review