In Motion Hosting Reviews

In Motion Hosting Reviews


InMotion Hosting is ane of the all-time hosts nosotros’ve ever had the pleasance of using. Although they lack certain speed enhancing features (no NGINX on shared plans) and they’ve only got 2 datacenters based in USA, their server response speeds are crazy fast!

They’ve also got a slap-up support team, patient and knowledgeable enough to handle all our questions. InMotion Hosting gets two thumbs up from u.s.! Learn more.

InMotion Hosting Review: The 9 Pros & three Cons (Server Speed Tested – 170 ms!)

It’s a pity that very few people outside of a niche market place are familiar with the name “InMotion Hosting”.

They’re certainly non equally famous equally Hostinger or SiteGround, but InMotion Hosting is definitely one the most underrated gems out there.

The independently owned American company has been effectually since 2001, and their impressive services and products are a reflection of a company that learns from feel and has evolved to be one of the acme web hosts today.

We logged into our sometime InMotion Hosting account, created a examination site and went to town with it, just to see how they’ve been belongings up since we last hosted with them, and boy oh boy nosotros did not regret it.

We tested for speed, looked at their features, spoke to their customer support and rated their overall ease of use – and were pleasantly happy with the results!

As always, we’ve created a list of pros and cons based on our findings, but and then y’all can judge for yourself if InMotion Hosting is the all-time web host for your east-commerce site.

Then – let’south have a await at what they offer.


The test site that we use in this review is It is hosted with InMotion Hosting Power Plan at their West Coast datacenter.

nine Things We Love About InMotion Hosting (Notwithstanding!)

1. InMotion Hosting is VERY FAST!

Nosotros set up a examination site ( using InMotion Hosting’s Power Programme and used our very own unique server speed checker to discover InMotion Hosting’s response times when pinged from several locations all over the world, and the results totally blew us away!

The states (W) United states (Due east) London Singapore Sao Paulo
2 ms 53 ms 322 ms 178 ms 172 ms
Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
514 ms 153 ms 109 ms 67 ms 149 ms

Pings from U.s.a. Westward and East were the best, respectively scoring 2 ms and 53 ms each, which makes them superb if you’re targeting American audiences.

They also did very well from the other locations too, displaying very trivial latency when pinged from Singapore (178 ms), Sao Paolo (172 ms), Sydney (153 ms) and Japan (109 ms).

The only location that InMotion Hosting didn’t do as well well in was in Bangalore, with 514 ms. Not surprising given the altitude.

With a worldwide boilerplate of 172 ms, InMotion Hosting is very fast and ranks a solid A+. They cover international audiences pretty well so you won’t accept to worry virtually server response times unless you lot’re targeting Indian audiences (In that case, meet the all-time spider web hosting for Republic of india.)

We likewise performed a TTFB test using and the results were pretty pleasing to united states of america.

InMotion Time To First Byte Test Result

This test was done on a stock install with WordPress, with no configurations or speed optimizations any. The TTFB was actually quick at
0.466 south, and InMotion Hosting scored generally A’southward in’s scoring parameters, only getting F’s for
compress transfer
cache static content. The results are further confirmed by the extensive tests done in WebHostingSecretRevealed.

Those F’s can easily be turned into A’due south past just installing a few speed enhancing plugins, like W3 Total Enshroud.

2. Features that vastly improves SPEED!

Nosotros’ve said it before and nosotros’ll say information technology again: speed is king. A tedious loading site direct correlates to a lack of sales, and nobody wants that!

If a spider web host can provide united states of america with features that can decrease our site loading speed, they’ll take cookie points violently shoved down their throat. InMotion Hosting has more than than a few speed enhancing features which does just that. Here are some that we institute to exist worth mentioning:

Datacenters in Max Speed Zone™

InMotion Hosting has strategically placed their datacenters right side by side to Internet Exchange Points on the eastward declension and west coast of America. This makes it ideal for e-commerce sites targeting US audiences, but their strategic location also helps their servers respond faster to requests from other countries, ensuring fast worldwide response times!


They’ve also teamed upward with ISPs all over the world and peering exchanges to create direct data connections, which dramatically decreases information load speed. Instead of routing your data through multiple different networks, peering works by straight connecting you with the closest peer, which results in much quicker responses and loading speeds! Find out more than well-nigh peering over hither and hither

InMotion Hosting with peering

Ultra Fast SSD Storage

Some web hosts out there still stores data on traditional HDDs. If they give me HDD storage options, I’ll throw information technology correct back at them. We don’t desire those blowsy Jurassic age slow donkey HDDs with all their moving parts. We want ultra sexy beautifully made SSDs, congenital to cater to our lust for speed. This is why we dear that InMotion Hosting utilizes SSD storage; it practically cuts loading speeds by 40%!

iii. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee is something y’all’ll want to picket for in a web host. i minute of downtime may not seem similar a lot in the 1000 scheme of things, but plenty of i-minute downtimes adds up, and information technology’ll come to a point where your site becomes irrelevant to Google.

Every bit a matter of fact, if your site is down most of the time, it’s basically non-existant to Google. People who search for your sites will be given results for similiar sites instead, and it’ll cost you losses in potential sales.

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InMotion Hosting provides their business organization class customers with 99.99% uptime guarantee, which yous’ll receive one month’southward worth of credits into your account if they always drop below that number.

Of course DDoS attacks or service interruptions caused by custom scripts are not eligible for the credits, just it’due south overnice to know that InMotion Hosting is confident enough in their services to provide this uptime guarantee in the first place.

Check out InMotion Hosting’southward uptime SLA hither.

We’re currently tracking the uptime of our exam site with and equally of this time of writing, the uptime is at 99.99%. The site’southward uptime is continuously being tracked and the data is displayed below, so you can meet for yourself if InMotion Hosting’due south uptime guarantee lives upwardly to its promise.

Uptime since Apr 2018


* This counter is constantly updating

4. BoldGrid – Premium Site Builder Included

Nobody likes free site builders that comes with a spider web hosting plan. They are super restrictive and their design templates usually looks like the dodgy end of a dirty bus.

All the same, BoldGrid is completely unlike creature.

It is actually a PREMIUM site architect (which nigh people will happily pay for) that’s built on top of WordPress, so you’ll go to enjoy the total flexibility of WordPress without the all of the complexities!

Its UI is such a dream to use and information technology’southward wonderfully intuitive. People with zero coding experience can practically build their own WordPress sites in under an hour with the help of their super piece of cake to utilize
drag-and-drop editor.

They’ve even got pre-built customizable themes if y’all adopt to use those instead.

BoldGrid Site Builder

Even if yous’re an experienced web designer, you’ll detect that BoldGrid has its advantages.

Information technology streamlines your workflow, allowing you to work faster and create more than dynamic sites, and you can also save your favourite loadouts to be used as templates for other sites!

One of the best perks of BoldGrid in my humble opinion, is that you take complete ownership of the website you’ve built using their system, whereby other site builders don’t requite you full buying for your sites.

BoldGrid usually costs $threescore per year, but it comes FREE with InMotion Hosting’southward shared business plans. The best things in life truly are free!

Bank check out this video for more data on Boldgrid.

five. Free Domains

Nobody likes being nickel and dimed for annihilation, but it can ofttimes feel that way when we’re setting upwardly websites. We’ve got to pay for spider web hosting, pay actress for features we want, pay someone to design the site, pay for the images said site designer would use – the listing just never ends.

This is why we were over the moon with InMotion Hosting’south decision to include a free domain (worth $14.99) with all of their shared business plans. The domain is actually simply free for a year, just the fact that it’s free at all actually makes a difference in customer satisfaction.

If y’all’ve already got an existing domain which you’d prefer to use, InMotion Hosting will even provide you lot with credits and then y’all can transfer your domain over speedily and without any fuss.

6. Gratuitous SSL, Automatic Backup & Hack Protections

InMotion Hosting’s Business plans comes with an awesome suite of security features which helps keep your site safe from any unforeseen attacks. It’s pretty absurd because you can rest easy and concentrate on your business or content creation without worrying about whatsoever of that stuff.

The Security Suite consists of:

Complimentary SSL

InMotion Hosting provides Gratuitous SSL through cPanel, signed by Comodo, one the most trusted SSL brands in the industry. With just a few mouse clicks y’all are able to become
activated in your website.

To united states of america, this is pretty damn awesome because Chrome volition kickoff labelling sites without SSL as ‘non secure’ shortly. And the convenience to activate the costless SSL is simply unbeatable.

Hack Protection

InMotion Hosting uses an internal tool chosen Patchman which searches for vulnerabilities in your site and patches it before hacks tin can happen. Information technology’s a great preventative tool to take for free and it’s splendid characteristic for due east-commerce sites!

Free Automatic Backup

Tin you imagine how tiresome it would be to accept to manually backup your information? What happens if you happen to forget to perform a backup on the one 24-hour interval your data decides to disappear?

InMotion Hosting helps us solve that problem by automating the process for us. Nosotros don’t have to worry about backups whatever as their arrangement does information technology for us, assuasive us to focus on the business aspect of things.

Restoring data is besides super easy. Just i click is all information technology takes to restore your site to how it used to exist. If yous don’t know how to practise it, just check with their excellent alive team – they’ll exist more than happy to exercise it for you.

DDoS Protection

InMotion Hosting’s DDoS protection is built into the infrastructure and is provided by Corero, one of the leading brands in cyber security.

They offer real fourth dimension DDoS protection through their ‘starting time-line-of-defense’ approach, which inspects traffic and blocks attacks in real-time – in other words, they protect your site without interrupting bodily consumer traffic!

Read up on Corero’s DDoS protection over here.

7. 24/7 U.S. Based Support

E-commerce businesses runs 24/7, and a practiced web host should accept 24/7 support as well, to fix any issues no thing the fourth dimension.

InMotion Hosting’s support squad has ever been responsive, knowledgeable and experienced, always ready to patiently help us with whatsoever problems we encountered. (And they are 100% U.S. based!)

They tin can be contacted through live chat, Skype, or if you’re feeling especially communicative, through their dedicated support phone number.

Our own experiences with them has always been very pleasant, getting our issues stock-still without any frustrations at all. They’ll answer all your questions patiently and professionally, no affair how stupid they may be.

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InMotion Hosting responsive support team

8. ninety-day Coin Back Guarantee & Gratuitous Website Migration

This is HUGE. Well-nigh web hosts provides a prorated or fractional refund within 30 days or sixty days. InMotion Hosting is confident enough with their services that they offer a FULL refund inside 90 days, something I believe no other web hosting company has done before!

They’ll as well sort our your site transfer for you completely costless with no downtime whatsoever, and so you lot won’t take to pull out your hair worrying well-nigh breaking your site.

Afterwards all that, if yous’re unhappy with InMotion Hosting, just cancel within the gratis wait period and y’all’ll get your money back with no questions asked!

9. 56% Exclusive Discount For Bitcatcha Reader

InMotion Hosting 56% exclusive discount for Bitcatcha readers

Everybody likes getting more than value for their money, right? Lucky for you guys, we’ve managed to score an Sectional Disbelieve with InMotion Hosting which gives you
56% off their business programme
bringing the cost down to merely $3.49 per month (Launch program)!

That’south not all, if you’re looking for
premium WordPress Hosting, you lot’ll be glad to know that we’ve got 37% off InMotion’s WP-1000s Plan, which volition bring the price down to only $4.99 per month.

Compared to Bluehost’southward starter WordPress Hosting plan which costs an exorbitant $39.99 (you lot don’t even get more than features – more on that in InMotion VS Bluehost) nosotros think you’ll obviously go more bang for your cadet with our chapter link beneath!

Things Nosotros Don’t Like Virtually InMotion Hosting

one. Iffy Check Out Procedure

This is just a modest gripe, but it’s even so something we institute abrasive – InMotion Hosting’s bank check out procedure can be a pain. In that location are no clear indications on what to do or where to printing.

They’re one of the few companies out there that still practises manual telephone call-to-confirm for new users. This can exist quite troublesome, but it’s likewise a security characteristic. Whether or not this is a proficient or bad thing depends on the user.

The check out procedure is too actually dull. A quick search revealed that some users too encountered problems completing the sale, with some people experiencing timeouts while others only could non complete the process.

If yous’re thinking of subscribing, practise take note and be prepared – be patient, and the sale will somewhen become through.

two. No Asian Datacenter

While InMotion Hosting’s Max Speed Zone™ is optimized for a global reach and works actually well, but it kinda blows that their datacenters are merely located in America.

I am located in Southeast Asia, and although InMotion Hosting’s servers seem to respond quite well, pinged from Singapore at 178 ms, information technology can potentially be and then much faster for our customers to load up our site if only they had a datacenter located in Asia.

three. No NGINX

NGINX is a super popular server set among most web hosts due to its contribution to the massive subtract in site loading speeds, and we’re quite disappointed that InMotion Hosting hasn’t implemented information technology in their shared hosting plans nonetheless (it’s only bachelor with their WordPress hosting options).

Yet, nosotros did a footling bit of excavation and discovered that they are testing and reviewing the compatibility of NGINX with their shared servers, and they might eventually completely switch over from Apache.

It’ll be awesome for small to medium business owners when they do (site load speeds decrease tremendously with NGINX!) just as of this time of writing, it seems like a missed opportunity.

InMotion Hosting’south Plans & Features

Business Hosting

If you lot’re looking for shared business hosting for small businesses or e-commerce sites, you’ve got three options:

Cost /mo




No. of Site Allowed




Disk Infinite








No. of Email




Security Suite




* Price for 12-calendar month subscription. 56% exclusive discount applied.

Our exam site is hosted on the Power plan because nosotros wanted to host a few domains, and this programme gives us more than than enough leeway and resources to do everything that we wanted to do. As a thing of fact, we’re actually hosting other affiliate sites with this account and we yet oasis’t encountered any hiccups in service.

1 that’s not really clear in InMotion Hosting’s website is the difference between 2x performance in the Power plan and the 8x Operation in the Pro program. We did some earthworks and this is what we discovered

The physical memory allocated for the pro plans is literally 4 times of the launch plan, which ways that the host can run the programs you need on your site more efficiently which directly translates to faster loading speeds, if your site requires those kinds of resources.

If you’re on the fence between the Power and Pro plan, the rule of pollex hither is to always start small-scale and upgrade as y’all abound. InMotion Hosting has a full range of services to cater for every need. So just pick a plan yous with the resources y’all think you’ll need – if y’all notice that you need more, you’ll always take the pick to upgrade!

Also, yous’ll get an sectional 56% discount with y’all utilise our affiliate link, so don’t forget to utilize it!


For Agencies, resellers or developers, you tin can choice between two VPS plans that’ll suit your needs. These plans come NGINX server set up upwards and other itty bitty benefits that gives yous bragging rights when you hang out with those who are in the know. Encounter all VPS features here.

managed vps & self-managed vps hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Nevertheless, if you lot’re looking for the best of the best, the most luxurious and corrupt hosting plans around, expect no further than InMotion’southward Managed WordPress Hosting. They’re optimized to give you lot the all-time speeds possible with NGINX, SSDs, PHP7 and advanced caching.

You lot’ll as well enjoy managed security and managed updates which ways you literally won’t have to worry about a single thing every bit InMotion’s Managed WordPress Hosting sorts everything out for you.

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Plainly, with premium features come a premium price – be ready to splurge for those benefits! Check out their pricing here.

How Does InMotion Hold Up Against The Competition?

inmotion VS SiteGround: Which 1 is faster?

So – how do InMotion’s server speeds compare to SiteGround’s?

Server Response Time: 172 ms VS 136.ix ms

For this speed test, nosotros created two web sites – 1 with InMotion Hosting Power Plan and i with SiteGround GrowBig. We put our two examination sites through our intensive server speed checker to see which web host is faster in terms of response time, and the results took united states of america past surprise.

InMotion Power

SiteGround GrowBig

Server Location

Los Angeles


Worldwide Average

171.9 ms

136.9 ms

InMotion Hosting actually impressed with a worldwide boilerplate of 172 ms, which earns them an A+ ranking from!

From these results, it’due south very clear that sites with US based audiences volition benefit the most from their blazing fast speeds due to their 2 datacenters located in America, but pings from the rest of the world besides came back reasonably fast (generally below 180 ms) and so businesses with international audiences can still savor faster-than-recommended speeds with InMotion Hosting!

SiteGround’s scores are pretty similiar with InMotion Hosting, with a speedy worldwide average of 136.nine ms, which too gets a ranking of A+.

We have covered a more than detailed comparisons of their servers at SiteGround VS InMotion Hosting. Do check that out.

Datacenter Location: 2 VS 5

InMotion Hosting only has two Datacenters (US east and US westward) strategically located for maximum worldwide coverage. Although InMotion Hosting’southward datacenters are pretty fast wordwide, SiteGround has v datacenters spread out across 3 regions – this allows you to choice the datacenter closest to your target audition’southward location, ensuring the speediest loading speeds possible for them (and as nosotros all know, the faster your site loads, the more sales you can potentially make!).

Speed Enhancing Features

When it comes to speed enhancing software, both SiteGround’s GrowBig and InMotion Hosting’s Power Program supports PHP7, but SiteGround seems to have the upper hand with their inclusion of the popular NGINX server set up up, famed for its speed. SiteGround too has the advantage with their very own SuperCacher, an advanced caching system which allows you to heave site loading times upwards to 4x faster!

InMotion Hosting actually has high operation SSDs optimized with NGINX server set up, but it seems like those features are merely available with their WordPress hosting plans.

Git & Staging

Those of you that enjoys quality of life features such as GIT or staging, you’ll be disappointed that InMotion Hosting does not offer either of these features. Information technology’s a fiddling disappointing, considering SiteGround tin can offer more at roughly the same price point.


InMotion Hosting offers Git & Staging in their Premium WordPress Hosting, which beginning at $4.99 /mo. Learn More than.

InMotion VS Bluehost Every bit WordPress hosting

Next, we pitted InMotion Hosting’s brand new WordPress Hosting plan against Bluehost’southward seasoned WordPress Hosting plan.

The commencement thing we noticed right off the bat was the price – InMotion Hosting’s WP-1000S programme is only
37% discount, $6.99 just
monthly, versus Bluehost’s WP standard at a whopping $19.99 per month. When we placed the features side past side, we found that the massive difference in price actually isn’t justifiable.

Introductory Price

$6.99* /mo

$19.99* /mo


$9.99 /mo

$39.99 /mo

Websites Supported



Complimentary Email Accounts



Costless Website Migration



Free Automated Backups



Free Advertising Credits



Money Back Guarantee

90 Days

30 Days

Auto-updates with Rollback



Premium Site Builder



* Cost for 12-calendar month subscription.

The only advantage that Bluehost seemingly has over InMotion Hosting is that they allow 100 million visits per month, in comparison to InMotion Hosting’s xx,000 monthly visits.

Other than that, information technology merely makes no sense to host with Bluehost. InMotion’s WordPress hosting provides us with so many essential features at half the price (SSD, staging, auto-updates, page builder, site migration…the list goes on) they brand Bluehost’s programme look actually outdated.

Looking only at the features, it’s clear that InMotion Hosting’s WP-1000S is the logical choice to make if you lot’re thinking about getting Premium WordPress hosting.

Verdict: Should I host with InMotion Hosting?

We are very happy with InMotion Hosting!

Their speeds accept improved over the terminal time nosotros tested them and took us by surprise. Their two datacenters are efficiently used to cover an international audience without sacrificing loading times and they even scored faster speed tests than SiteGround!

The pros heavily outweigh the cons (frankly, we were nitpicking – we actually had trouble trying to come up with cons!) and we love their long listing of features.

Their SSD storage is a huge draw. Throw in their other perks (unlimited emails, no downtime site transfers, gratuitous apps, unlimited bandwidth, etc) and information technology’s a no brainer – InMotion Hosting is an excellent spider web host.

Their plans are value for money with reliable uptime and client service.

Information technology doesn’t affair if y’all’re targeting a specific country or an international audience – simply find out if the Due east or West servers are better for your target audition, and watch as your data gets carried to your customers’ screens in record time.

10/10 would recommend!

Key Features

  • ✓ Free Domain Name
  • ✓ Unlimited Disk Space
  • ✓ Unlimited Data Transfer
  • ✓ Max Speed Zone™
  • ✓ SSD Included
  • ✓ SSH Access Supported
  • ✓ 24×7 United states of america Support
  • ✓ 90-day Coin Back

Recommended For

  • • e-Commerce
  • • WordPress
  • • Forum
  • • CMS (Joomla, Drupal)
  • • Medium-big Website
  • • Business Website

In Motion Hosting Reviews