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Hub Web Hosting Reviews – Peculiarly for start-ups and small-scale businesses, Web Hosting Hub is touted for the affordability of its shared hosting services, and considered a forepart-running competitor to other popular web hosts like GoDaddy and BlueHost.

How good are they? Well allow’s come across shall we?


Numerous features set up Web Hosting Hub apart from comparable services.

Web Hosting Hub’southward service packages all use solid land drives (SSDs), which they claim makes their service 20 times faster than web hosts that rely on mechanical hard drives. Their 2 US data centers are staffed by over 200 employees who service upwards of 40,000 customers.

According to Web Hosting Hub’s homepage, customer service is available 24/7, and hosting starts out at only $8.99 a month. (A electric current promotion quotes a 67% off discount, reducing the starting cost to just $2.99 a month.) Available services include a gratis domain name, free website transfer, and one-click WordPress installation. The pricing tiers and usability reflect that it’due south an ideal pick for users with picayune experience edifice their own website, and little startup capital letter at their disposal.

According to InMotion, Web Hosting Hub was engineered to target “more of the outset-upward, and professional person blogger market.” To that cease, they specialize in i kind of service only: Linux-based shared hosting. This allows users to non only maintain their websites affordably, only to know that their web host will be uniform with most pop websites and apps. It’southward an attractive selection for other reasons, too: For those with a vested interest in supporting independent companies, Web Hosting Hub offers an culling to other hosting companies, such as GoDaddy, owned by large corporations.

Right off the bat, Spider web Hosting Hub seems to have a lot going for it: it’south exceptionally affordable, compatible with other popular services, and proclaimedly faster and more efficient than the competition.

Simply how does it really stack up to other web hosting services?

Let’s have a closer await at some of the pros and cons of using Web Hosting Hub.

Examining How Web Hosting Hub Compares

And then what are the pros of Web Hosting Hub as compared to other web hosting services?

To reply that question, we consulted multiple engineering review sites to bring you the well-nigh comprehensive, accurate possible overview. Conduct in heed as you peruse the post-obit lists that this isn’t a contest to determine definitely which web hosting service is best. In fact, nosotros’d go a step further and argue that there is no “all-time” when it comes to choosing a spider web host. At that place are merely services that meet your needs and those that don’t.Our aim with this review is to assist you better determine whether Web Hosting Hub will see your specific needs.

With that in mind, hither are our findings:


  • Let’s offset with what’southward arguably Spider web Hosting Hub’due south well-nigh impressive claim: that their solid land difficult drives ensure they can offer load times 20 times faster than the competition. According to Hosting Facts, they couldn’t quite deliver on that figure.However, Web Hosting Hub’s page load times were nigh 27% faster than the contest. This is an exceptionally fast rate of speed, and given the infinitesimal attention spans of the majority of web users, information technology gives Spider web Hosting Hub a strong competitive edge amidst other hosting services.
  • For nigh users, and particularly for small business organisation owners, pricing is the #ane characteristic to take into business relationship when selecting a web hosting service. In that respect, Spider web Hosting Hub is at the tiptop of its game. At that place are three different pricing tiers available—Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo—which range from $8.99 to $16.99 a month.They also oft offer discounts, including the 67% off promotion nosotros mentioned before, which can bring the cost of hosting services down to as little equally $5 a month for the first year.
  • Customer support is some other critical factor when it comes to selecting a web hosting service. If support is merely available at inconvenient times of day, comes with excessively long wait times attached, unreliable, or slow to reply, it can create a overabundance of unnecessary extra work for the user.Spider web Hosting Hub boasts round-the-clock customer support, and Hosting Facts institute that it delivered on its promises—for the most part.Wait times before being connected to customer back up hovered around three minutes, and the verification process took about five minutes more than. All in all, Web Hosting Hub’s customer service could be obtained speedily and easily.
  • Experienced web designers will exist able to find their way around most web hosting services with little difficulty, just to the average consumer usability can pose a much bigger challenge. This is some other surface area where Web Hosting Hub excels.After yous’ve selected which package yous want to buy, their website asks you a series of questions to gauge your level of tech literacy. They then send yous an informative “Getting Started”package tailored to your skill level, or in the case of absolute beginners they connect you to a support specialist who can assist walk you through the gear up-up procedure. It’s an ingenious way of ensuring all of their customers get the data they demand to successfully prepare their website.
  • PC Mag highlights another important detail that cost-conscious buyers will appreciate:Spider web Hosting Hub’s 90-twenty-four hours money-back guarantee. Whereas most other web hosting services offer only a 30- or 60-day window in which to cancel, Spider web Hosting Hub gives new customers aplenty opportunity to familiarize themselves with the service and determine whether it’southward right for them. If, afterward your evaluation period, you make up one’s mind another hosting service better meets your needs, you have an ample timeframe in which to abolish. The merely competitor who surpasses the length of Web Hosting Hub’s money-back guarantee is Dreamhost, which offers a 97-day refund period.
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Overall, our findings were that Web Hosting Hub lived up to its claims in terms of affordability, accessibility to novice web designers, and availability of customer service. Additionally, Web Hosting Hub has been a Better Business Bureau-accredited business since 2010 and shows a total of only nine recorded complaints: an impressive rail record by whatever metric. If you’re a small business owner looking to create a simple, affordable website that’southward uniform with other popular services similar WordPress, then Web Hosting Hub is an ideal option for you lot.

Simply to ensure you’re getting a balanced look at this service before you lot opt in, let’due south besides take a await at the list of cons to find out where Web Hosting Hub falls brusk.


Although it’s a stiff contender in terms of its affordability, accessibility, speed, and client service, Web Hosting Hub does likewise come with its share of drawbacks. Let’s explore some of those now.

  • To its more tech-savvy consumers, Web Hosting Hub’s biggest plow-off will probably be the fact that it doesn’t use Windows-based servers.Instead, it relies on a shared Linux-based server, which is advantageous in that it’southward compatible with a wider selection of apps, but likewise problematic in that information technology can pose compatibility issues with certain Windows-specific applications. Users with a background in web development won’t be intimidated, but less experienced users may observe it daunting.
  • Those looking to go along the corporeality of money they spend on spider web hosting services will be pleased by Spider web Hosting Hub’s competitively low rates, but disappointed by its lack of a month-to-month payment pick.New users are required to pay for the first year of service up front end in i lump sum, which can be frustrating for those who are working on a tight budget. And to get the best value for your coin, you’ll want to select the 3-twelvemonth contract ($iii.99 a month) versus the one-yr contract ($vi.99 a calendar month). As mentioned above, the ninety-twenty-four hour period money-back guarantee provides a safeguard that ensures you can go your coin back if y’all aren’t fully satisfied with the service, just information technology nevertheless demands that yous pay more upwards front than other web hosting services crave. Go along this in mind earlier making your initial investment.
  • Web Hosting Hub offers onlyshared hosting
    . In layperson’south terms, shared hosting only means that the service provider serves multiple websites from a single server. The major advantage to shared hosting is its affordability. But the large downside is that if your website suddenly explodes in popularity, that single server powering information technology may not be equipped to continue upwardly with the increased traffic. Unfortunately, Web Hosting Hub doesn’t offering a dedicated hosting choice, potentially forcing users t to have to have their business elsewhere in order to keep upwardly with the demands of a highly trafficked site.
  • Whereas many other spider web hosting services include free anti-virus protections and backup functions as part of their overall package,Web Hosting Hub charges actress for these add-ons. This was one of the biggest complaints about their pricing system. Although on the surface their pricing tiers appear to offering better value than virtually of their competitors, it could be argued that you’re paying less per month but for less comprehensive service. Most users won’t want to do without bones security precautions or the ability to restore lost data in the effect of a crash, and being charged extra for these features probably won’t be the well-nigh pop marketing conclusion Web Hosting Hub has fabricated.
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By now y’all probably have a clearer image of the specific pros and cons offered by Web Hosting Hub relative to other spider web hosting services. With this comparison in heed, let’s have a more in-depth wait at what you get when you cull Spider web Hosting Hub for your web hosting needs.

The Nitty Gritty

As nosotros mentioned before, Web Hosting Hub offers users three dissimilar service packages to choose from: Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. While all three packages include site-edifice software, unlimited disk infinite, data transference, and email accounts, there are some advantages that come with the pricier plans. With Spark ($viii.99/month), you go a gratis domain, 25 sub-domains, and yous tin host upwards to two websites. Nitro ($12.99/month) gives you unlimited website hosting and sub-domains, making information technology an optimal pick for small concern owners. Finally, Dynamo ($16.99/calendar month) offers additional server resource, making it a better selection for sites with more regular traffic.

Logging into the account management panel takes y’all to Spider web Hosting Hub’s site builder. Depending on your skill level, you can toggle between ii different control panels: one clearly intended for beginners, and a slightly more than circuitous version with more experienced users in heed. This is where you lot can gear up your content management, brainstorm designing and customizing your website, and add various plug-ins and themes. The interface streamlines what could otherwise be a confusing effort into a series of easy installations and uncomplicated drag-and-drop sequences.

From there, you have the option of adding on optional security features to farther safeguard your website. McAfee Virus and Anti-Spam Protection starts at only $ane.39 a month and offers your website enhanced protection from hacking, phishing, and information failures. (Some users object to the fact that Web Hosting Hub offers basic security equally an “opt-in” characteristic that costs an boosted fee, and so keep that in mind.)

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If yous find yourself with questions along the fashion, yous tin have advantage of Web Hosting Hub’s customer support arrangement. Available 24/7, the staff is reachable via telephone, email, or alive chat with minimal look times. PCMag calls Spider web Hosting Hub’s customer service “one of the best customer service teams I’ve dealt with since I started reviewing Web hosting services.”

Ultimately, if you try Spider web Hosting Hub and decide it isn’t the service for y’all, you have ninety days in which to attain a determination and receive a total refund. Overall, you can expect an easy-to-use service at an affordable rate with plenty of tech support specialists on hand to assist you if you run into whatsoever roadblocks.


As evinced past this review and the diverse sites nosotros consulted while writing it, Spider web Hosting Hub is a legitimate contender where affordable spider web hosting for pocket-size businesses is concerned. At this point it’s a less recognizable brand than a service like GoDaddy and some other bigger-name web hosts, just that volition appeal to those who prefer to support smaller, independently owned companies over large corporations. While its site-building mechanism is geared toward less experienced users, it can easily be tweaked and customized past those with a more comprehensive background in spider web design, and the competitive pricing makes information technology attainable to those who have limited resources to spend on spider web hosting.

Probably the biggest drawback is the express nature of the hosting service offered. Shared hosting means Web Hosting Hub can really only service websites with a moderate corporeality of traffic, and then if you discover that your business has grown to a point where Spider web Hosting Hub tin no longer sustain the amount of traffic your website is receiving, you may demand to switch hosting services to keep upwardly. Obviously, this has the potential to pose some frustrating, costly issues to users with oftentimes trafficked sites, but those with a smaller number of regular visitors shouldn’t have any complaints.

At the end of the day, it’s for you to decide whether Spider web Hosting Hub or a competitor web hosting service is best for you. We hope that this review guide has given you the details yous need to make an informed decision nearly selecting a hosting service, and that you’re satisfied with your choice.

Accept you used Web Hosting Hub before? If so, what were your experiences like? How practise you feel it ranks aslope other hosting services? Would you recommend it to other users? Leave us a annotate with your experience!

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