Google Cloud Hosting Review

Google Cloud Hosting Review

If yous’re planning to change your hosting provider, you might want to consider switching to Google Deject. This flexible platform enables y’all to serve content quickly to your visitors, customize your resource allocations, and calibration your site equally needed. We’ve put together a Google Cloud hosting review to assistance y’all decide if this service meets your needs.

In this article, we’ll review Google Cloud hosting in-depth and so yous can decide if it’s the best option for your WordPress site. Let’s get started!

What Is Google Cloud Hosting?

The earth’s near famous search engine connects people by enabling them to detect and share information. However, Google offers many more than services beyond just its search role.

Google Deject hosting uses the same deject-based infrastructure that powers the company’southward most popular products, including Google Drive, Gmail, and more. Its hosting service stores your website data in remote servers, which makes its content quickly available to your visitors:

On this platform, hosting is built into the larger Google Deject console. Here you lot tin manage various “projects”, including developing applications, storing data, and deploying your WordPress website on the cloud servers.

Keep in heed that some third-party hosting providers volition as well provide access to Google Cloud. For example, Cloudways enables you to host your site on Google Deject servers, and then you pay for and administrate the server through the Cloudways dashboard.

What Makes Google Deject Hosting Different?

In this part of our Google Deject hosting review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features you lot can look from this platform. Let’s get-go with uptime.

First-class Uptime and Uptime Monitoring

Uptime is the amount of time that your website is online and available to users. In an platonic world, a web host’s servers would have 100 pct uptime. However, in practise, there may be times when your site is offline.

Google Cloud offers an uptime guarantee in its Compute Engine Service Level Agreement (SLA). You will exist eligible for financial credits if your monthly uptime is less than 99.99 percent (well-nigh a perfect score!).

Additionally, y’all can monitor your site’s uptime from your Google Cloud console. By navigating toMonitoring > Uptime checks, you lot can set up automatic monitoring and reports for your website:

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Running an uptime check with Google Cloud console.

Uptime tin significantly impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings (since a site that’s offline means lost visitors). Therefore, monitoring this metric with Google Cloud can grade an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Customizable Resources and Virtual Machines

One of Google Deject hosting’s strengths is its customizable nature. With most traditional hosting services, y’all’ll need to choose from plans that specify set amounts of storage, bandwidth, and other resources.

In dissimilarity, Google Cloud enables you to customize multiple aspects of your hosting plan, including its
server location (1),
Virtual Automobile — or VM — series (2),
and automobile type (3):

Configuring a WordPress deployment on Google Cloud.

Furthermore, you can customize your memory allocations, bandwidth, and number of CPUs. Equally such, this setup enables yous to pay for only the resources yous need, and adjust them as your site grows.

However, keep in mind that this model can be disruptive if you’re a complete beginner. Y’all’ll benefit nearly from Google Cloud’s services if you take an intermediate level of technical server noesis.

Extensive Global Network

Google Cloud has i of the most extensive global networks you can find, with connections across 27 regions, 82 zones, and more than 200 countries:

Moreover, Google Cloud is continually expanding its network. At the fourth dimension of this writing, the company plans to branch into x new regions, including Santiago (Republic of chile), Madrid (Spain), and Tel Aviv (Israel).

Page loading speeds play essential roles in both your user experience and SEO. Therefore, if you take a global audition, choosing a hosting provider that can serve content rapidly from multiple locations is in your all-time interests.

Enhanced Performance Optimization

You lot can optimize your site’due south performance through Google Cloud by choosing the VM and resources your website needs. Additionally, the platform provides upgraded functioning optimization through its Network Service Tiers.

This lets you choose either a Premium or Standard package. The former option uses “cold potato” routing for meliorate routing, deject load balancing, and advanced performance:

Overall, Google Deject has the advanced infrastructure necessary to run your site at its full capacity. Of course, each of these premium services volition increase your overall costs.

Premium Technical Support

Client support is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a hosting provider. You’ll likely encounter issues with your site at some point. Therefore, yous’ll do good from access to a knowledgeable and helpful client service team.

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Google Cloud provides a customer back up hub where you can access online community forums, read detailed documentation, and submit support tickets:

Google Cloud support.

Withal, keep in listen that the free back up is pretty limited. You’ll demand to upgrade to premium assistance, starting at $29 per month + 3 pct of monthly charges, if you want one-on-one support, reduced response times, and multi-channel assistance.

Therefore, Google Cloud might be more suitable if you accept an intermediate level of technical experience or a pregnant budget.

Avant-garde Security Measures

WordPress security is a top priority for many website owners. You’ll need to accept active measures to prevent hackers and malware from infiltrating your site, stealing your information, and endangering your visitors. Therefore, you’ll besides want to partner with a hosting provider that takes security seriously.

Fortunately, Google Cloud offers first-class congenital-in security measures. It uses advanced encryption methods, ongoing verification, and adept certifications to secure its network and your site.

Google Cloud has a defended team of vulnerability direction experts to continually scan for threats and patch security risks. It also has an enterprise-grade firewall to filter incoming traffic and keep out hackers.

Using the Google Cloud Panel

You’ll set and admission your website through the Google Cloud panel. It looks a little different from other web hosting dashboards, so you might demand some fourth dimension to familiarize yourself with information technology.

First, you’ll demand to create a project and deploy your WordPress website in the console. We recommend checking out our complete guide to installing WordPress on Google Cloud.

Then you’ll take access to a detailed dashboard that outlines your website’due south resources, APIs, errors, and more:

Google Cloud hosting dashboard.

Here you tin can configure the uptime monitoring we mentioned earlier, also as other alerts by clicking on
Go to Monitoring.

You tin also check out your VM configurations by selectingCompute Engine. Here y’all’ll encounter your VM instances, nodes, and schedules. There’south as well a helpful
Acquire Tutorial
choice if this is your get-go time using the panel:

VM instances in Google Cloud console.

Overall, the console can feel a little overwhelming if you’re used to more than traditional hosting providers. In that location are so many settings and configurations that y’all might non know where to start. Therefore, we recommend using 1-click deployments and relying on the support documentation as much as you lot need.

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Google Deject Hosting Price

Almost WordPress hosting companies charge stock-still monthly or annual subscriptions. In contrast, Google Cloud will charge yous for the resource you swallow. These services volition include your data storage, a Virtual Car (VM), and admission to different server locations.

We recommend using the Google Cloud pricing computer. It tin can give you a cost estimate based on your car and resource needs.

Moreover, yous tin can upgrade your subscription by purchasing additional Google Cloud Networking services. These add-ons can boost your site’s functioning and security, then yous can provide the best possible user experience to your visitors.

Annotation that Google Cloud will give yous a
$300 free credit
in one case you sign upwards for its hosting services. You’ll just need to ostend your debit or credit card details to access this bonus, and use the credit inside the first ninety days.

Wrapping Up Our Google Cloud Hosting Review

Google Cloud hosting is a highly customizable and functioning-based option for WordPress websites. You’ll have control over which resources and Virtual Machines (VMs) your site can use, plus access to the extensive Google Cloud network with its advanced security measures.

Overall, Google Cloud hosting isn’t the most straightforward option for beginners. You’ll want an intermediate level of technical knowledge unless you’re prepared to invest in premium support. However, if your acme priority is performance, y’all may desire to consider this hosting pick. Remember, you can do that through Google Cloud‘s platform itself or through Cloudways and have Divi and your Elegant Themes membership integrated into your plan from the beginning.

If you’re looking for other managed WordPress hosts and don’t want something as circuitous every bit Google Cloud, check out Pressable, SiteGround, and Flywheel.

Do you accept any questions about Google Cloud hosting? Let us know in the comments section beneath!

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Google Cloud Hosting Review