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Reselling spider web hosting services is a peachy style for business concern owners and freelancers to make passive income without existence also hands-on with the process.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is 1 entity purchases domains from a web hosting service, and then sells them to other businesses that need websites. Resellers tin prepare the price for the domains, then this can exist congenital up into a profitable business for freelancers or reselling agencies who provide web design services.

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How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

A reseller hosting business works when someone resells web hosting plans to someone else for a profit. So, yous tin can sell other hosting companies’ web hosting services as your own. This is ordinarily utilized by spider web blueprint agencies that full-manage websites for their clients.

7 Best Web Hosting for Resellers in October 2022

  • Hostgator: Best Overall
  • Hostwinds: Most Affordable
  • Hostinger: Good Value
  • Liquid Web: Best Premium Service
  • DreamHost: Good for Newcomers
  • A2 Hosting: Expert for Large Numbers of Clients
  • InMotion: Best for Small Businesses


  • Access monthly databases
  • Avant-garde web design tools
  • Splendid uptime and limitless bandwidth



  • Great user experience
  • Innovative marketing techniques
  • A simple website setup method



  • Easy to apply for beginners
  • Free Migration
  • Costless SSL

liquid web

  • Outstanding testing uptime
  • Great client support
  • Free SSL


  • Everything y’all need in a hosting website
  • Free Privacy Protection
  • Automated Backups

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting

  • 100% Worry-Gratis
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Fastest website hosting website

inmotion hosting

InMotion Hosting

  • Loftier-quality security features
  • Great resources for aid
  • Outstanding website hosting service with lots of features

Top seven Best Spider web Hosting for Resellers in October2022

best web hosting for reseller (1)


Hostgator is a great option for those who want to start a web hosting business organisation equally a reseller. They offer client management software that makes the entire reselling process that much easier, making them a convenient spider web hosting company to piece of work with as a reseller.

  • Good technical support for clients
  • Advanced web blueprint tools
  • Practiced uptime and unlimited bandwidth
  • Limited disk space for the starter plan
  • Customer back up response times can be wearisome
  • Can just restore from a fill-in for a fee

HostGator is a dandy platform for those who will provide a range of services, as their client management software can take intendance of all client management and customer service. If you lot sign upwardly as a reseller with HostGator, you’ll be placed in their WHMCS software where you can pecker and fix up new clients quickly and easily.

The reseller has complete command over the branding aspects, though HostGator facilitates all administrative back up that resellers may not be able to do. They offering a number of different plans for reseller hosting then information technology’s easy to scale up your reseller hosting services with HostGator, with bandwidth and storage capabilities improving with each tier. Fifty-fifty even so, each plan supports unlimited websites.


Hostwinds is a skilful option for companies who desire to resell their web hosting services as their own. They offer unlimited bandwidth and deejay space at all levels of their packages and discounts the more reseller accounts you purchase.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and deejay infinite
  • Complimentary SSL certificate
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domains only with the highest tier

One of the things Hostwinds does best matches great services with affordability. They offer tiered pricing depending on the level of service you’d like, but still offer good perks at all levels like unlimited email accounts, deejay space, and bandwidth. All accounts come with a gratis SSL certification, i-step installations, cPanel and Softaculous, nightly backups, and a full dedicated squad for support should whatever issues arise. While there are more premium services out there that offer advanced features and capabilities, Hostwinds is a cracking option for a elementary reseller platform.

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Though there is not a lot of data on Hostinger’south reseller hosting plans, it does appear that this is permitted only for the cPanel Shared Hosting accounts. So, the limited nature of this understanding may mean it’s not the correct selection for all reseller businesses.

  • Easy for beginners
  • Costless Migration
  • Free SSL document
  • Can’t resell all services
  • Bandwidth limitations
  • No hd storage

Hostinger offers a express amount of services to be sold by resellers and doesn’t come up with the same features and back up equally other providers. While Hostinger’due south services and platform are generally piece of cake to use among beginners and toll-effective, it is not always the best pick for resellers.


Liquid Web offers reseller hosting plans for those who will be managing a large number of clients. It’s a more than expensive option than other spider web hosting services on this list, though it can be worth information technology for the right reseller.

  • Good uptime rates
  • Good client service
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Not a good selection for beginners
  • No money-back guarantee
  • In that location are cheaper options available

As we discussed in a higher place, Liquid Web is a smashing fit for the reseller that is already in operations and understands the concern simply wants to scale up with a more than premium service. Their prices are on the higher terminate compared to other reseller hosting services, though all plans include a gratis WHMCS license which allows you to have on more clients and add together your own branding to the platform.

Liquid Spider web only has services located in the The states and Europe, though they practice provide a customizable service for resellers in practically any industry. They support defended IP, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and more. And then, they’re a good choice for resellers providing high-tier services.


DreamHost is one of the best reseller hosting platforms utilized today, though they don’t offering a distinct reseller plan. They offer a large number of services including web hosting, website building, and deject storage. The reseller program is non highly customizable, though anyone who has a DreamHost account tin can go a reseller if they want.

  • Full-service hosting provider
  • Costless privacy protection
  • Automated backups
  • No administrative support for resellers
  • No console customization with branding

DreamHost does not have a defended reseller plan, though anyone with an active account can resell the services. These services range from web edifice to web hosting, giving resellers a large amount of value to provide to their customers. Some find the no customization capabilities to be limiting, though the platform is highly accessible to become started with reseller hosting.

People only getting started in the reseller hosting game will like DreamHost, equally information technology provides a lot of customer support. Even still, the reseller themselves must provide all the administrative back up for customers.

A2 Hosting

A2 is a good web host manager for those just starting out or those who are ramping up their concern. There are four major categories for plans, and each of those is bachelor as either a standard or turbo plan. In many cases, resellers who are managing a large number of clients similar using A2 cloud hosting.

Many customers similar them for the speed of their client service response times, which is specially helpful for those in the reseller business concern that need to bargain with customer issues speedily. Many of the packages offered by A2 include a free WHMCS billing software and client management platform, and certain packages allow for customizable branding.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion continues to be one of the all-time reseller hosting providers bachelor at affordable prices, only still with a good amount of value.

  • Good security features
  • Great resources and informational materials
  • Offers a lot of features
  • Best pricing if you commit to ii years
  • No free backups

InMotion is one of the best shared hosting solutions for reseller service to offering to their customers. The pricing is affordable, and you lot don’t need to pay for extra add-ons in club to bill clients or customize the platform with your branding. Their reseller packages are total of resources, even though yous are spending considerably less than with other reseller hosting options. Fifty-fifty the cheapest package offers complimentary WHMCS, WHM, and 25 cPanel accounts.

Still, it’s of import to point out that InMotion doesn’t offer a dedicated hosting solution–rather; information technology’s shared hosting. So, they will take care of all the backed server maintenance and security, while you focus on clients.

They take an intuitive platform that’southward easy to use by those who are but getting started with reseller web hosting services. In that location are many apps and add-ons that can be integrated into the site to offer even more than value to your reseller business. Higher up all, their reseller plans are set up to employ out of the box, and yous can beginning reselling immediately. So, you can see why it’s ane of the best reseller hosting services, and they fifty-fifty offer VPS hosting if you lot outgrow the shared options.

Why Do Resellers Need A Web Hosting?

Resellers need to observe a web host that will fulfill the web hosting packages behind the scenes and then they tin can automate and scale their business organization. In that location are large barriers to entering the web hosting infinite given the expensive architecture, servers, and expertise required to go i of these businesses started. Instead, people can choose to accept a reseller business relationship with a hosting program for their customers equally an all-in-1 service if they’re already offering other monthly services similar web blueprint or electronic mail campaigns.

How to Choose The Best Web Hosting for Resellers?

How tin can you lot observe the best reseller hosting providers? The truth is that all reseller plans offer something swell, though they are each a better fit for certain scenarios. Plus, depending on your and your client’s preferences, you lot may need to check that the provider offers Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting, which are the 2 most pop. Let’southward take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing betwixt hosting plans.

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Convenient Interface

You want to have a domain reseller account that is intuitive and piece of cake to navigate. If you are unable to quickly admission the necessary resources or services provided, you may not offer skillful value to your customers. Plus, you lot may want to see if gratis billing software is included, which makes the overall user experience that much easier.

Customer Support

Bully reseller packages too come with great hosting resources like customer support teams that are easily attainable. Especially with the more client accounts that you’re managing, you volition need to be able to get quick responses from the web hosts actually providing the service delivery.

Emergency Backups

Some other of import feature is that the provider offers emergency backups. Some dedicated hosting solutions will offer this for a fee, though you should ensure that this is at to the lowest degree available. With this, yous’ll make sure that your customers don’t e’er lose whatever valuable data forever.

Coin Back Guarantee

Y’all want to find a provider that has at least a 30-day money-back guarantee on their reseller accounts. This gives yous a month to try out their services hazard-free, and opt for another provider if needed.

Bandwidth and Loading Speed

Lastly, and very importantly, you need to check for the bandwidth and loading speed that the provider offers. After all, y’all’re offering a web service for your client accounts, so you want to make certain their sites are performing well.

How Much Does Reseller Web Hosting Cost?

The price of the best reseller hosting provider will vary from company to company. In that location are some places where you tin have a free domain reseller business relationship just past having an active page with the provider, like with DreamHost, though others will charge a monthly fee to access their dedicated servers. Keep your eye out for hosting plans that offering a coin-back guarantee, which could be helpful as you’re trying out dissimilar platforms.

Last Thoughts

Having a reseller business organisation of web hosting is a great thought for entrepreneurs and freelancers to make money–without having to do the actual service delivery. There are many providers out there offering these services, however, y’all need to consider the different features and capabilities of each platform before you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is reseller hosting profitable?

If you desire to become started with reseller web hosting services and start making money, this will exist possible. But shop around amid the reseller plans available, choose a reseller service, and offer this to your clients at a college price. You will keep the difference every bit turn a profit.

How does reseller hosting differ from starting your ain spider web hosting company?

When yous are a reseller host, you get to leverage the applied science and concrete resources of the web hosts rather than provide this service on your own. If y’all desire to take your own web hosting service non offering reseller plans, you’d need to have your own servers and other tech architecture to become started.

Do some managed hosting reseller services support unlimited domains?

Yeah, they practise. Depending on the number of client accounts you’re managing, you lot may need to use a provider that volition support unlimited domains. This is offered by a few, then make sure y’all’re checking for this if you’re planning to calibration up operations. Web Hosting Reviews