Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews

Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews

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Bluehost is the 6th most popular web hosting provider effectually. With over 2 million websites hosted, Bluehost has fabricated a name by offer “inexpensive and reliable” hosting.

But, if y’all’re anything similar us, you lot might be wondering if Bluehost’southward service actually lives up to its reputation and if it’s worth it for your website…

In this data-driven review, you’ll go the low-downwardly on all Bluehost’southward plans and see if they’re amidst the best spider web hosting services.

Y’all’ll discover the skilful, the bad, and the somewhere-in-betwixt as you lot dive deep into the virtually upwardly-to-date Bluehost review on the internet.

So let’southward dig in.

Tabular array Of Contents

  • Introducing Bluehost
  • Bluehost Review: Hosting Features
    • “Unlimited” Disk Infinite
    • Complimentary Backups, Sometimes
    • Express Out-Of-The-Box Security Features
    • Servers
  • Bluehost Hosting Functioning Review
    • Bluehost Speed Review: Is Bluehost Fast?
    • Bluehost Uptime Review: Is Bluehost Reliable?
  • Bluehost Pricing & Web Hosting Services Review
    • Bluehost Shared Hosting Review
    • Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Review
    • Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review
  • Bluehost Domains Review
    • Bluehost Domains Pricing
  • Bluehost Client Support: Can Bluehost Assist Me?
    • Bluehost Complaints
  • Bluehost Pros & Cons
  • FAQS
    • Why Employ Bluehost For Domain And Web Hosting?
    • How Good A Web Host Is Bluehost?
    • Is Bluehost Proficient For Beginners?
    • Can I Use Bluehost For Free?
  • Bluehost Web Hosting Review: The Final Verdict

Introducing Bluehost

Bluehost Homepage

Bluehost was founded in 2003 in Utah and powers over ii million websites. Since first opening its doors, Bluehost has been on an upward tendency with no signs of slowing down and is now ane of WordPress’ top iii recommended hosts.

And so if y’all run a WordPress site, information technology’south worth looking into these guys for website hosting.

The real question is, does Bluehost continue to smoothen in today’southward web hosting market? Allow’s observe out.

Bluehost Review: Hosting Features

Bluehost Features

Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting plans, including:

We’ll look at the details of each afterwards in this article…

The Shared hosting plans are by far the most popular, and so we’ll utilize these every bit the baseline for investigating Bluehost’southward features.

“Unlimited” Deejay Space

Bluehost’s basic plan provides 50GB of SSD storage. All of Bluehost’s other shared hosting plans include “unlimited” storage (as well referred to as “unmetered bandwidth” on Bluehost’south website).

Bluehost Unlimited Disk Space

While in that location is a departure between these terms, Bluehost uses them interchangeably.

Ultimately, this ways yous won’t have any defined limitations on how much space you use. Yous also won’t be charged co-ordinate to how much infinite you employ.

However, a off-white use policy does apply to prevent whatsoever single website from using up then many of a server’due south resources that information technology impacts the other websites sharing the server. Bluehost uses statistical analyses to make up one’s mind the average patterns of normal website usage across information technology’southward customer base of operations. Anyone who is using more than resource outside of the patterns established as “normal” may feel restrictions.

You lot can learn more about Bluehost’s restrictions on unlimited hosting hither.

Free Backups, Sometimes

If anything ever takes a turn for the worst on your website, the starting time thing y’all’ll need is access to a backup. Knowing that your hosting company has your dorsum in this section can be a massive weight off your shoulders.

Bluehost Backups

Unlike most other reputable spider web hosting companies, Bluehost only offers gratuitous backups on their most expensive tiers, and even then, limitations use. For instance, they accept no responsibility for failed backups.

Even though Bluehost offers backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis on their higher priced tiers, they’re “not guaranteed in whatever way.”

Instead, it’s recommended that you purchase an boosted subscription with CodeGuard.

Bluehost CodeGuard

It’s also worth noting that Bluehost doesn’t offer redundant or mirrored backups.

Honestly, it’s not a great sign that Bluehost doesn’t offer these types of backups. Especially since the visitor besides claims no responsibility for when things go wrong.

If anything ever happened, you’d likely exist left hanging without a website if you couldn’t admission the backup data on Bluehost’due south servers for any reason. Being left without a website is among the top complaints the company receives on Trustpilot.

Limited Out-Of-The-Box Security Features

As with the backups, Bluehost lacks other security features that competing spider web hosting providers include in their out-of-the-box plans.

Bluehost Security

For instance, domain privacy and spam protection are features included for free by many of Bluehost’s competitors. Yet, with Bluehost these crave an boosted expense.

Information technology comes down to budget cuts on the core services so that Bluehost tin pass lower costs to customers on their hosting packages.

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Free SSL Certificate Yep (Let’s Encrypt)
Free Domain Privacy Only on Expensive Tiers
Hotlink Protection Yeah
Spam Protection Yeah (Akismet)
Gratuitous Auto Backups Only on Expensive Tiers
Web Application Firewall Yeah
DDoS Protection Yes
Brute Force Protection Yes
Bot Blocking Yes
Malware Protection Aye (Daily Automatic)
24/7 Server Monitoring No
WP Security Plugin No

When comparing web hosting plans, it’south probable you’ve seen them all mention their security is a height priority and that a free SSL certificate is included.

Merely, few hosting companies put their money where their mouth is. Bluehost isn’t one of them.

Honestly, there are far better-hosting options that constantly invest in their in-congenital security features for all shared plans. SiteGround and WPX  are our height choices, to proper name a few.


Bluehost’s servers and data centers are non fabricated prominent on their website. So nosotros reached out to their client support and asked for farther data.

Bluehost nameservers

As it turns out, their servers are merely available in Utah, US.

If your audition is primarily based in the US, y’all should have no issues. Paired with a decent CDN (content delivery network), you lot can still easily distribute your content all over the world.

However, if yous have an international audience and require servers in a unlike location, Bluehost may not be the best option for your needs.

Bluehost Hosting Performance Review

Bluehost Performance

In this section, you’ll become a look at some more of the meaty data. Below, yous’ll find out how Bluehost’due south web hosting services stood up to our rigorous operation tests.

You’ll run into how the information gathered lends insights into whether Bluehost lives up to its claims or non and whether it’ll be the right solution for your website.

Bluehost Speed Review: Is Bluehost Fast?

Bluehost Speed

To test the speed of an boilerplate Bluehost account, we ran a examination WordPress website through GT Metrix and Pingdom.

The same website was used and tested three times on each tool for each location.

Information technology’s important to mention we didn’t effort and fix anything after running these tests. We wanted to see how the web hosting service performs for beginner users who probable won’t know how to optimize their website correctly.

A decent web hosting visitor should perform reasonably well regardless of what optimizations are washed on their customer’s websites.

Hither are the results…

GT Metrix

GTMetrix Functioning GT Metrix TTFB
San Antonio 0.53 647ms
Vancouver 0.67 559ms
London 0.39 439ms
Sydney 0.34 872ms


Pingdom Performance Pingdom Load Time
San Francisco 71 3.41s
Frankfurt 71 2.94s
Tokyo 71 3.15s
London 71 i.5s
Washington DC 71 1.63s
Sydney 71 three.14s

The Verdict:
There’south a lot that could be improved with Bluehost’s speed functioning, simply it’s certainly not the worst we’ve seen. We’d consider these scores to be adequately average. If yous want better speed performance, check out our mail service on the fastest spider web hosting.

Bluehost Uptime Review: Is Bluehost Reliable?

Bluehosts Reliability

After speed, uptime is an important performance metric that indicates how reliable your spider web hosting servers are.

It is platonic for your servers to be upwards all the time; otherwise, your website will experience periods where users cannot access it. In reality, notwithstanding, every web host experiences downtime.

The industry standard is 99.90%; however, Bluehost guarantees 99.98% uptime. This equates to effectually ane 60 minutes and 45 minutes of downtime per year. For the almost office, Bluehost has been able to see this guarantee.

2018 Uptime 2019 Uptime 2020 Uptime 2021 Uptime
99.99% 99.98% 99.96% 99.98%

Our Verdict:
Bluehost’s uptime is quite decent and lives upward to the guarantee (for the most office).

In 2020, in that location was a decline in functioning. But, information technology was yet higher than the industry benchmark of 99.90%, which is more than nigh other inexpensive web hosting companies can say.

Bluehost Pricing & Spider web Hosting Services Review

Bluehost Pricing

If in that location are two things Bluehost is known for, it’due south their pricing and reliability. Nosotros’ve already confirmed that, for the most part, Bluehost’s web servers live upwardly to their promised reliability.

And so now it’s time to have a deeper wait into Bluehost pricing for all their web hosting plans.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Review

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost’due south shared hosting packages are their most popular due to their incredible affordability. The prices are among the lowest on the market place, and all plans come with a gratis domain proper noun to boot!

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It goes without proverb that the prices beneath are discipline to change, peculiarly during top sales periods similar Blackness Friday or Cyber Monday. Then it is possible that yous may score even lower rates.

Program Promotional Pricing Renewal Pricing
Bones Tier $3.45/month $9.99/month
Plus Tier $v.45/month $13.99/calendar month
Choice Plus Tier $v.45/month $18.99/month
Pro Tier $13.95/calendar month $28.99/month

To secure such low promotional rates, you will need to commit to a 36-calendar month term in advance. You volition also need to consider what features yous require, as y’all may need to business relationship for additional tools to encompass the functionality Bluehost does non offer natively.

Besides the lowest tier, all other shared plans give you admission to unlimited domains hosted along with unlimited storage and other bonuses suitable for nearly small business organization websites.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is recommended past as one of the top three WordPress hosting services. You can apply either shared hosting or managed hosting for your WordPress website.

However, managed Wordhosting helps have the burden off your shoulders with setting upwardly and maintaining an automated WordPress installation, even for e-commerce stores. Bluehost also has a website builder designed specially for the WordPress content direction platform.

Whether you take an online store, a service-based business organization, or an affiliate site, Bluehost has a range of WordPress hosting options you can choose from. If you have multiple websites in your portfolio, you tin also set upwardly unlimited websites on some plans.

Managed WP Hosting

Plan Promotional Pricing Renewal Pricing
Build Tier $9.95/month $19.95/month
Grow Tier $14.95/month $24.95/month
Scale Tier $27.95/month $37.95/month

Woocommerce Hosting

Plan Promotional Pricing Renewal Pricing
Standard Tier $12.95/month $24.95/month
Premium Tier $24.95/month $39.95/month

Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans Review

Bluehost VPS Hosting

In add-on to their WordPress hosting service, Bluehost besides offers VPS hosting. VPS stands for “virtual private server”. It’s is a web hosting service that acts like a shared server while also assuasive you lot to access individual resources that would otherwise only exist available on a dedicated server.

It’s the perfect interim betwixt shared hosting and defended hosting, with a decent toll betoken for anyone on a tight upkeep.

Bluehost’south VPS plans start at $xix.99/month and increase depending on the level of resources your website requires.

Plan Promotional Pricing Renewal Pricing
Standard Tier $19.99/month $29.99/month
Enhanced Tier $29.99/month $59.99/month
Ultimate tier $59.99/month $119.99/month

These prices are available on a 36-month term. Dissimilar shared hosting, there are also a few less perks. For example, y’all do not receive a free domain name on these plans. However, the benefits of having private resources all to yourself far outweigh the risks of being on a shared server.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review

Bluehost Dedicated Server

If the thought of sharing a server doesn’t sound like a good fit for you either due to the security concerns or the express resources, and then dedicated hosting will be right upward your alley. Dedicated hosting gives you an unabridged server all to yourself and you tin can employ the resource on that server yet you like.

The pricing is significantly higher than for shared hosting and VPS hosting, but y’all become admission to the entire server and all information technology’s resources.

That’s why dedicated servers and dedicated hosting plans cost significantly more than what a shared web hosting service does.

Here are Bluehost’s prices for a 36-month term of defended hosting.

Programme Promotional Pricing Renewal Pricing
Standard Tier $79.99/month $119.99/month
Enhanced Tier $99.99/month $159.99/month
Premium tier $119.99/calendar month $209.99/month

Bluehost Domains Review

Like many other hosting companies, Bluehost offers a free domain name with information technology’s shared hosting and WordPress hosting services.

Bluehost Domains

It’south a common pricing strategy that tin can become more customers in the door despite Bluehost losing initial profits.

Still, despite offering a gratuitous domain, this bargain doesn’t final forever. The domain name is only free for the showtime year. Additionally, it does non include domain privacy. All domain names purchased through Bluehost require boosted privacy which starts at $15 per year.

If you lot’re interested in VPS or defended servers, unfortunately you won’t enjoy a complimentary domain on these packages.

Bluehost Domains Pricing

TLD Registration Average Renewal Average
.biz $9.99 $14.56  $16.99 $17.59
.co $27.99 $23.99 $29.99 $29.74
.co.united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland $27.99 $12.50 $29.99 $15.00
.com $12.99 $11.57 $18.99 $xiv.83
.info $eleven.99 $xi.81 $15.99 $17.67
.io $11.99 $47.16 $lx.99 $52.08
.me $17.99 $12.00 $17.99 $20.62
.cyberspace $fourteen.99 $13.61 $eighteen.99 $xv.63
.online $4.99 $xvi.31 $12.99 $32.twenty
.org $9.99 $12.09 $17.99 $15.47
.site $2.99 $thirteen.78 $12.99 $27.71
.space $i.99 $x.86 $12.99 $21.00
.shop $12.99 $24.73 $34.99 $48.06
.tech $4.99 $21.51 $19.99 $13.51
.the states $5.99 $x.45 $15.99 $12.99
.xyz $14.99 $half-dozen.70 $xix.99 $54.70
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All in all, Bluehost’s domain prices are on par with the industry averages, even with most of the renewal costs. Some domain extensions are more than expensive than the average but still within reason.

Nosotros’ve seen several other domain and hosting providers who consistently charge well above the industry averages with all renewals, equally y’all’ll come across in our post on the cheapest places to purchase domains.

Bluehost Customer Back up: Can Bluehost Assistance Me?

Excellent customer back up is crucial. In our book, customer back up differentiates good web hosts from excellent ones.

Bluehost Support

To examine Bluehost support performance, we turned to Trustpilot.

Bluehost Review

Equally far as customer back up is concerned, Bluehost has a long manner to become. With less than 35% of ratings marked equally “fantabulous”, you may be probable left hanging during critical moments when you would expect support.

As y’all’ll note below, the biggest complaint people take comes down to users being left with no help, no backups and no options when things go wrong.

If customer support is as important to you equally it is to usa, we recommend checking out culling hosting providers like WPX or Siteground. Both offer unparalleled support compared to most hosting providers that are known for their inexpensive shared hosting plans.

Bluehost Complaints

As mentioned, the biggest complaint virtually Bluehost, which is likewise quite concerning, is that people accept lost many months of hard work on their websites.

Bluehost Negative Review

Even when reaching out to support, the unreliability of the support team paired with the depression-quality responses has left many Bluehost users high and dry without a website and with no usable backups to help.

This spells all kinds of bad news folks!

Other serious complaints include:

While Bluehost is among the cheapest solutions on the marketplace, there is a far greater cost than y’all may initially realize. Information technology’s up to you to decide what level of support you think you will need and what kind of issues you can easily resolve yourself.

If push came to shove and the Bluehost website back up team could not assistance you, where would that go out yous?

Bluehost Pros & Cons


Why Utilise Bluehost For Domain And Web Hosting?

People utilize Bluehost for their domains and web hosting considering of the cheap prices and decent uptime operation. Compared with other cheap hosting companies, Bluehost has better operation.

However, there are another major drawbacks of Bluehost’due south offers such as no backups, low quality support and fewer security features due to upkeep cuts which may mean a unlike hosting company may exist a improve solution for you.

How Adept A Web Host Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is an average website hosting company. For the low prices they accuse, at that place are certainly some excellent features they offer. However, there are many better solutions available in today’s hosting market.

Is Bluehost Skilful For Beginners?

Bluehost is good for beginners. Whether you run a WordPress site, an online store, or a portfolio of affiliate websites, Bluehost has a range of beginner-friendly features.

Bluehost Easy WordPress Builder

Notwithstanding, with poor customer service ratings, beginners may observe it challenging to overcome technical challenges on their own.

Can I Use Bluehost For Free?

Yous cannot utilize Bluehost for complimentary. While some costless services are available on Bluehost, none are free forever, and most crave an upfront payment for a lock-in term (oft 12-months or 36-months).

Bluehost Web Hosting Review: The Terminal Verdict

While Bluehost’s shared hosting certainly has many popular features for low prices, there are some major red flags you should look out for, especially concerning security and customer back up.

We dearest that Bluehost offers affordability and to a higher place-average performance results.

Withal, the company nonetheless has a long way to become towards providing manufacture leading services, despite sporting a full-fourth dimension staff of over 750 employees.

You need to ask yourself whether price is the most important factor in your decision. If so, Bluehost may be the perfect solution for you.

Merely, if
you’re looking for ane of the best web hosting services that prioritizes operation and does a slap-up task of looking subsequently customers, cheque out Siteground.


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Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews