Adilo Video Hosting Review

Adilo Video Hosting Review

Adilo is your all-in-one video hosting and marketing platform, perfect for businesses and content creators who want to get seamless and buffer-free streaming then y’all can convert people into customers better than ever before. Plus, information technology besides lets you lot host your content securely on the deject. Take a look at this software review nigh Adilo.

Sure, you may have produced videos for your business organisation that you lot let your customers spotter; videos that are beautiful and really attention-grabbing. But there is one more hurdle that yous need to become through, amid many others. That is, creating videos that tin convert people into buying customers. Sounds challenging, right? It is, and while many businesses are successfully able to attract people to accept a look at their products, services and offers, simply a few are actually able to convert these individuals into buying customers.

To exercise this, what you need is a video hosting platform. There are several video hosting solutions in the manufacture today. They include YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Jetpack from WordPress, and even Facebook. So, y’all also accept Wistia, vooPlayer, Brightcove, SproutVideo, and Uscreen, among many others more than. Not all of these are powerful enough to utilize when you desire to convert your viewers into buying customers.

What if we tell y’all right now that there is a video hosting platform you can use to equip you lot with all the dynamic tools you need to heave engagement and conversions, while at the same time, keeping your content secure on the cloud?

Have a await at our software review about Adilo.


What Is Adilo?

Adilo is an all-in-one video hosting and marketing platform that entrepreneurs and content creators can utilize then they accept seamless and buffer-gratis streaming for their videos that get to their customers faster.

Aside from the super-fast video hosting and advanced content security of Adilo, this software also has several solutions to make your videos interactive, monetize your content, congenital a team, and become the about out of your every video.

This platform lets you automatically generate captions, and so your videos are more than accessible to your entire audition. It also automatically ads subtitles in your video in diverse languages that include Chinese, Korean, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, beneficial for businesses that have a global market place.

Plus, it also has a Content Schedule, where you tin can schedule your video stream’s beginning and expiration signal, using the tools to baste-feed or build urgency.

Furthermore, Adilo takes pride in being the first business video hosting service to provide enterprise-grade content protection and anti-piracy technology at affordable rates for businesses, online marketers, and e-learning course creators to protect their content. You will learn more almost the features of Adilo later on. For at present, allow united states of america take a look at the pros and cons, to better assistance you decide most whether yous should get this production.


  • At that place are those who have used Adilo who noted how the customer service is outstanding
  • Corking to host unlimited videos protected by advanced DRM technology
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly recommended for those who want to control their brand on their video content


  • However, at that place are customers who tried sending emails to the Adilo team and received no response for days
  • They besides noted customer service needs improving, and pricing needs to exist clearer
  • There are no folders to organize videos in each projection

Features Of Adilo

Adilo offers a broad range of amazing features, from video cosmos capabilities to its security and anti-piracy features.

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Video Creation

With Adilo, yous tin can record 4K videos in 1 click. Quickly create and send personalized video messages that take hold of your viewer’southward attention with Adilo’s SnapByte software. Record your screen, camera, or both.

You may also asking videos from 3rd-party sources. Share your snap links with customers, followers, or contractors and let them record videos for you, nothing to download or install.

Hosting And Management

Together with video hosting, Adilo also allows its users to host recorded podcasts, audiobooks, music files, and audio files on your video cloud. Not only this, but on some of their plans, y’all can shop an unlimited corporeality of media in your business relationship.

At that place is as well a drag-and-driblet feature on their uploader widget that supports the upload of up to 10 video or sound files at once. Adilo as well supports most popular video and audio file extensions, including mp4, mov, avi, wmv, mp3, and wav.

With Adilo, you can likewise bring your team onboard, add as many users as yous want in your account, assign permission, and collaborate. All the same, this feature may only exist available on select plans. The software also lets you stay organized and sort your videos in the project for easier direction.

Each video and sound uploaded to their platform is encoded in their cloud farm and repackaged with HLS/DASH protocols for adaptive spider web streaming. Moreover, all the tools you need to manage your video and sound files are in one place. With this, you can hands copy, delete, motility, or replace videos in one click.

Adilo likewise creates and stores 3 to seven dissimilar resolutions of every video and sound uploaded to their platform. This speeds up video delivery and avoids buffering. Aside from this, all your videos are also optimized to rank in search engines. Videos created via Adilo ever rank well in major search engines worldwide.

This software is integrated with popular CRM and ESP platforms y’all already use, such as Zapier, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GoToWebinar, and a whole lot more. You can also deploy your own business domain names for your videos and channels so you can keep everything on-brand.

Video Player And Streaming

What is even greater with Adilo is that, their video histrion is super lightweight with just a full size of less than 100 KB making it among the fastest and lightest 4K video players always built. Aside from this feature, Adilo is also cantankerous-device responsive, and then your videos can play flawlessly on various devices, browsers, and screens, whether these are smartphones, tablets, workstations, and smart TVs.

With this software, you lot can too easily customize your video thespian to lucifer your branding colors, add together your ain logos, and brand information technology yours co-ordinate to your make. More than this, you may also easily loop your videos or autoplay them to capture attention. With the style this lets you upload beautiful custom images or video thumbnails, y’all can get more views in your videos.

Another feature is that, every control is designed so you tin can stream your videos your mode. Yous can hide the playbar or bear witness it, plow on or turn off any player control you want, and more. The power is yours. Moreover, Adilo is as well the first business video hosting platform to natively support square and vertical videos.

Furthermore, Adilo provides its users with many video embedding options such as the standard iFrame, inline javascript, popover embeds, and fifty-fifty send via email. Across these lawmaking embeds, the software too provides its users with direct mp4 and m3u8 streaming links for your videos to plug directly into your gear up superlative boxes and webinars.

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Adilo also has their flagship stream preloading engineering science that makes their video player the fastest. With this, your videos are fix to be watched even earlier the viewer clicks play. Aside from this, all videos are also chunked for adaptive streaming and delivered via their video CDN with a backbone of over 30 TBps network speed and more than 40 PoPs.

This platform as well allows you to build beautiful video playlists for your websites. This feature is perfect for your tutorials, video series, and so much more. If you prefer not to embed your videos, you can share your video page and watch page link all fully hosted past Adilo with commenting features.

Engagement And Marketing

Part of producing videos that convert visitors into buying customers is ensuring the videos are marketed well and get the right appointment. Adilo will assist you lot just do this.

You can collect leads straight inside your videos, and display pb capture forms at any timestamp on your videos. You may also collect names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Adilo besides has a contact direction dashboard to shop all the leads you lot collect from your video. Plus, you tin delete or consign contacts at any time, encounter scout history, and more.

With this platform, you lot can also automatically tag your contacts based on how they consume your content, what videos they watched, how engaged they are, and more. Plus, you tin can easily display clickable call-to-action links, buy buttons, banners and images direct on your videos, and promote your offers.

Adilo as well lets you evidence related videos to your viewers at the end of each video so y’all tin can keep them watching. Moreover, you can brandish maps, directions, and any HTML lawmaking you want on summit of your videos. You may besides automatically redirect viewers to any link at the end of your video.

The software also allows its users to add chapters to their videos, and then they are easier to watch, keeping the viewers interacting especially on long video content. Plus, Adilo will let yous chop-chop split your thumbnails to increase video views or split 2 dissimilar videos to see which one converts more and makes more sales.

In that location is also automatic video streaming. Schedule when your videos will begin streaming and when they will stop streaming, and so you lot tin can create a life-like viewing feel, build buzz, and increase conversions. Then, there is as well video advertisement pixels retargeting. Install and fire multiple advert pixels inside your videos as viewers lookout them. Use this to build a custom audience of red hot buyers for retargeting.

You can also automatically generate accurate captions that increase comprehension of your videos by more than than 300 percent, leading to more sales in three clicks. Also in 3 clicks, yous can subtitle your videos for complimentary in up to 31 different languages, so you can gain audition and customers in huge and untapped markets.

At that place is also existent-time video analytics. Go real-time analytics to your videos, and see how they are performing live, giving you more than perspective on what you need to improve and which country is sending you the most traffic. Plus, you tin can relieve viewers’ sessions when they watch your video halfway without completely and automatically resuming the video, assuasive them to selection up where they left.

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Adilo also lets y’all detect the viewers’ mouse movements. They run across your video on the right sidebar every bit the video still keeps playing once the viewer starts scrolling. In this way, you are able to retain attending. You can also monitor when viewers whorl abroad from your videos or browser to another tab, and automatically pause your video or continue playing information technology once the user returns.

Security And Anti-Piracy

Adilo is besides amongst the best platforms in the industry today to go on the content you create secure.

Lock your videos with passwords and whitelist domains y’all desire your videos to play on. Yous tin can as well disable right-click on videos, and ready private viewing links. Plus, in that location is geo-location blocking. A contact management dashboard will store all the leads you collect from your video. Delete or export contacts anytime, run into spotter history, and more.

With Adilo, you lot also get splendid content security and anti-piracy technology and so you tin protect your premium videos from piracy, illegal downloads, and copying. There are too dynamic visual watermarks that are also personalized on videos. These features will deter viewers from screen recording and copying your videos illegally.

At that place you have information technology, all the features that Adilo can provide. Everything yous demand to create videos that convert is here at Adilo. This time, let the states take a look at the pricing.

Adilo Pricing

From the official website, y’all can cull from the following options. Start, there is the Starter option that will allow anyone go started with video hosting anytime since this choice is offered for complimentary. Then, there is also the Creator pick at $29 per month for those who want create keen impacts with the videos they produce.

The Growth choice is at $49 per month, and with this pick, you tin become access to powerful video marketing tools that will grow your concern. Lastly, there is the Business option that volition offering you enterprise video hosting, so you can go above and beyond with your video marketing. It is $149 per month. To see the features that proceed with these options, visit the
official website.

Or, yous tin get discounts. When you purchase Adilo on
AppSumo, you tin get the following discounts. There is the License Tier 1 at a i-time buy of $79 from $468. The License Tier 2 is at a one-time buy of $149 from $588. The License Tier iii is available at a one-time purchase of $229 from $948. Great deals, right? To view the features that go on with these tiers, visit this

The Verdict On Adilo

Without a dubiety, Adilo is the perfect solution for yous and your business. This platform is a must-have so your business concern can find itself in greater heights online. Call back, video is amidst the most important marketing assets that acquire customers each day. Adilo volition help you leverage videos without spending too much.

Video marketing is the game changer in this twenty-four hours and age. Adilo is your solution so you stay on tiptop of this aspect. This software provides businesses and marketers to power to grow, engage, promote, market, and sell with videos without having to pay a lot.

And bated from these benefits, Adilo is likewise filled with the near powerful marketing features that volition enable you to engage with your audience, and acquire customers faster than before. Own Adilo right now.

Adilo Video Hosting Review