A2 Web Hosting Reviews

A2 Web Hosting Reviews

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A2 Hosting is an experienced The states-based host with capable shared, VPS and dedicated plans, lots of custom speed-boosting technologies, a solid 99.9% uptime guarantee and generous refund scheme. There’s something for everyone from get-go-timers with small-scale personal sites to large businesses with demanding web projects, but A2 Hosting could piece of work best for experienced users who’ll make the about of its advanced options and extras.


  • +

    Information centers in USA, Europe and Asia

  • +

    Supports cPanel site management and Softaculous motorcar-installer

  • +

    Lots of speed-boosting technologies with the loftier-end plans

  • +

    Speedy and helpful ticket support

  • +

    30-day money back guarantee and 31-90-day prorated refunds available


  • No complimentary domain

  • No Windows hosting

  • Beneath boilerplate operation on the cheapest shared plans

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Information technology may not accept a profile to match the big names, but US-based A2 Hosting is a capable provider with a xx+-year track record in offer spider web hosting
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services around the world.

The company has strong environmental credentials. Its information centers are designed to use less energy, its servers employ energy-efficient components, they’re recycled afterward retirement, staff work from habitation to avoid commuting, and the list goes on.

A2 Hosting has won plenty of fans over the years, and the company at present claims 110,000+ users. To put that in perspective, Datanyze
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places the visitor 47th in its Web Host Market Share chart, with 0.34% of the market. That’south comparable with providers such as TsoHost
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(0.38%), HostPapa
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(0.36%) and Heart Internet (0.34%).

What hosting plans does A2 Hosting offer?

A2 Hosting offers a full range of hosting products, from shared and WordPress ranges, to an easy-to-use website builder
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, and faster and more powerful VPS and dedicated servers. (In that location’s no Windows hosting
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any more, unfortunately: A2 Hosting is Linux-only).

In that location are a handful of boosted services, including domain registration and SSL certificates
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, but the company doesn’t have the range of extras we come across with the larger providers. Nearly plans include fill-in and email support, for instance, merely at that place are no extended backup or hosted email packages available.

Still, A2 Hosting’southward plans have so much to offer that you might not need to add annihilation else. Next, we’ll look at what you get with the shared, WordPress, VPS and dedicated products.

A2 Hosting’southward shared hosting
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range defenseless our center with its low $ii.99 price point. This gets you unlimited bandwidth, a free migration, free SSL, support for one site and 100GB storage. (If you were hoping for an ‘unlimited storage’ plan, keep in heed that many WordPress sites barely utilize 1GB: A2 Hosting’s 100GB is more than enough for most sites).

You’re able to host your site in USA, Netherlands or Singapore data centers. That’s a far amend choice than you lot’ll encounter with many providers, and ensures you’re more probable to notice a location close to your audition, an immediate performance plus.

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Server management is a highlight. Fifty-fifty the cheapest program gets an industry-standard web account panel, the splendid Softaculous
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to automatically install WordPress (or 150+ other apps), and cPanel
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to manage domains, files, e-mail accounts and everything else. If you’re a seasoned hosting customer, you lot’ll know how to employ most of this already; if you don’t, information technology’s easy to acquire.

In that location are no automatic backups, though, a feature we think should be bachelor in even budget plans. There’s no free domain. And the $ii.99 plan is only available if yous sign upward for three years. Choose the annual option and it jumps to $six.99, and the renewal toll for both is $10.99, relatively expensive for what you’re getting.

The remaining three shared plans range from $5.99 to $12.99 a month ($12.99 to $25.99 on renewal). All plans include automatic backups, and upgrading gets you all kinds of performance-boosting technologies.

The superlative two plans (Turbo Boost and Turbo Max) offer two to four times the RAM and CPU power, for example. Super-fast NVMe SSD drives load files at speed, the LiteSpeed spider web server tin be 10+ times faster than the more standard Apache, and smart Memcached and OPcache acceleration all work to maximize functioning.

We retrieve Turbo Heave and Turbo Max are the pick of A2 Hosting’s shared range. They could be a very smart option for more demanding users with a circuitous, loftier-traffic site, or perhaps if yous’re simply looking for the power of VPS hosting but the simplicity of a shared product.

Sounds similar y’all? A2 Hosting gives you a thirty-day money-dorsum guarantee, enough of fourth dimension to meet how the service performs for yous. Unusually, there’s a 90-day partial refund period if you need information technology (cancel afterward 90 days, get your unused nine months of fees back).

GoDaddy’s spider web hosting Plus range is a high-powered alternative. Plans start at a more expensive $19.99 a calendar month over two years ($29.99 on renewal), merely it’s a solid business organisation product, and the elevation-end plan has more than resources than some dedicated servers.

If you’re more at the budget range of the market, consider Hostinger
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. Its starter plan is simply $1.99 a calendar month over 4 years, renews at just $three.99, and weekly backups are thrown in.

A2 Hosting offers a broad diverseness of affordably priced hosting plans though their prices do increase upon renewal

(Prototype credit: A2 Hosting)

WordPress hosting

A2 Hosting’s shared range makes information technology easy to install and run WordPress, and is the most cost-effective pick to acquire how WordPress works or build a unproblematic site. But the company as well offers a far more capable managed WordPress
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range, with a bunch of valuable specialist features.

A bundled A2 Optimized WordPress plugin automatically optimizes WordPress compression, functioning and security settings, for instance. That’due south an unusual touch, and allows even total WordPress newbies to get a professional optimized setup.

A Deluxe WordPress Toolkit includes some useful site direction features. For instance, Smart Updates automatically tests WordPress, theme and plugin updates earlier pushing them live, to reduce the take a chance that they’ll cause whatever problems. That’south another improvement on many budget WordPress plans, which blindly installs any updates equally shortly equally they arrive.

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All plans as well include the same Turbo speedup technology available in its elevation shared hosting packages, described above: fast NVMe SSD storage, a loftier-functioning spider web server, and much more.

The starter managed WordPress program gives you lot 50GB storage and only supports a unmarried site. It’s reasonably priced at $11.99 a month, $23.99 on renewal.

The most powerful plans add support for unlimited websites, and can include an optimized WooCommerce
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installation to assist you build a quality spider web store. They’re capable, but too more expensive than some, with the loftier-end plan priced at $41.99 a calendar month over three years, $61.99 on renewal.

The best feature of A2 Hosting’s managed WordPress range is its range of speed-boosting technologies. If you’re building a large site with lots of avant-garde features, so A2’s high-stop offerings could give you functioning you won’t go from most competitors.

If features are as or more than important than speed, check out Bluehost
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. Its WordPress plans range from a pocket-friendly $2.75 a month, to a $47.95 a month ecommerce-prepare plan with PayPal integration, video compression and support from WordPress experts.

Elsewhere, InMotion Hosting
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has plans for just near everyone. There’s a capable consumer range priced from $3.49 a month ($x.99 on renewal), professional VPS-based WordPress products, even dedicated Windows servers.

VPS hosting

A2 Hosting’south VPS
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(Virtual Individual Server) hosting is faster, more reliable and configurable than its shared range, making the plans a better choice for business-critical sites.

Unmanaged plans (which means y’all largely run the server yourself) first at $four.99 a calendar month over 3 years (then $8.99) for a tiny, 1GB RAM, ane CPU  organization. Top of the range is $74.99 a month ($139.99 on renewal) for an viii core, 32GB system, combined with A2 Hosting’south Turbo arrangement, (LiteSpeed spider web server, NVMe storage, more), which the company says can become you lot up to 20x faster page loads.

Managed VPS plans are more expensive, with prices ranging from $39.99 to $99 a month over iii years ($76.99 to $239.99 on renewal.) But they go you a lot of extra features, including total back up, cPanel server management, and a gratis transfer.

Highlights of A2 Hosting’s VPS plans include the low starting price, the very powerful elevation-of-the-range systems, and the visitor’due south comprehensive Turbo speedup technologies.

But in that location are problems, too. No Windows hosting. The starter managed plans are expensive. Data transfer limits are lower than some at two-4TB a month, and at that place’s no way to add any more.

A2 Hosting could however work for experienced users who but demand a cheap unmanaged SSL, or anyone looking for maximum VPS speed. But if this doesn’t sound correct for yous, Hostwinds
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has 40 dissimilar VPS plans, making it very likely there’s one that’ll work for you. Prices beginning from $4.99 a month unmanaged, $eight.24 unmanaged, and there’s inexpensive Windows VPS hosting available, besides.

A2 Hosting dedicated servers homepage

Not only tin can yous choose your preferred data center, A2 Hosting also provides speed tests for each of its information centers on its site

(Image credit: A2 Hosting)

Buy a shared or VPS hosting plan and your site shares its web server and network connection with other accounts. Choose defended server hosting
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, though, and you become a server all to yourself for maximum speed and reliability.

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A2 Hosting offers 8 server configurations, each available in managed (A2 Hosting runs and supports the server for you) and unmanaged (you largely support the server yourself) types.

Prices starting time at $105.99 a month over 2 years ($199 on renewal) for an unmanaged server with 16GB RAM, 2 x 1TB SSD drives and 6TB traffic.

A decent dedicated hosting provider should offer servers for all levels of user, and A2 Hosting really delivers. The peak-of-the-range model has 2 speedy AMD CPUs, 128GB RAM, 2 ten 960GB NVMe SSD drives and 15TB bandwidth, enough ability for just about whatsoever job. It’s far more than expensive at $455.99 a month over two years, $699.99 on renewal for the unmanaged plan, simply still fairly priced for what yous’re getting.

If you don’t accept the experience to run a server yourself, A2 Hosting’due south managed choice adds full support, free site migration, a gratis SSL document and cPanel control console for around $50 actress a month, a much better bargain than some providers.

A2 Hosting’s dedicated plans stand out for their hardware configurability. Not just are there eight servers to choose from, but you can tweak them individually, perchance to add more than RAM or an extra backup drive.

One outcome is you’re unable to choose the operating system. There’s no Windows hosting, and you can’t even pick your preferred Linux version (other than paying extra for a Cloud Linux license.)

Overall, this is notwithstanding a capable set of dedicated hosting plans. If you’re running a concern site, or anything where you need the maximum performance at all times, they’re likely to requite yous first-class results.

Also consider Hostwinds. Servers are fully managed, prices start at a low $122 billed monthly, Windows hosting is available from only $25 extra and you can add extra bandwidth for high-traffic sites.

If value is vital, cheque out IONOS
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. Basic defended servers start at nether $50, and we’ve seen systems as cheap every bit $33 a month with occasional special deals.

A2 Hosting ecommerce hosting homepage

A2 Hosting ecommerce hosting

(Epitome credit: A2 Hosting)

Can I build a web store with A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting doesn’t accept specialist ecommerce plans, but you can still create a web store with any of its other products.

Choose A2 Hosting’due south $41.99 a month summit-of-the-range WordPress programme, for instance, and you tin can have information technology automatically optimized for WooCommerce, a powerful tool which has all the spider web store edifice and management features you’ll e’er need.

If price matters and then that could be a smart choice, because most of your greenbacks is going on a very capable hosting program, rather than adding e-commerce-related extras you don’t want and may never use (one,000 low-quality spider web store templates, for case, when you got your design sorted already.)

Only if yous’re unsure almost how to go started, and would like more aid, then buying a specialist e-commerce plan with a bunch of helpful add-ons could be a smarter pick. Bluehost’southward starter WooCommerce plan offers tools to assist build your site, have payments and add customer reviews from only $12.95 a month on the annual program ($24.95 on renewal). GoDaddy’south website builder adds fifty-fifty more marketing, product management and store-handling tools, for a similar $16.99 a month billed annually, $24.99 on renewal.

A2 Hosting SiteBuilder templates

A2 Hosting’s SiteBuilder templates

(Image credit: A2 Hosting)

Does A2 Hosting have a website builder?

A2 Hosting’s SiteBuilder plan offers an easy way to create your site. Choose your favorite design from a pick of templates, then yous tin can add together more pages with your own images and text, custom slideshows, contact forms, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook content, a blog, even simple PayPal integration (a Buy Now button.)

This is uncomplicated to use and fifty-fifty get-go-timers volition figure it out right abroad, just it’due south also very express. The Basic plan has but 25 very ordinary templates, for instance, and restricts your site to just 10 pages and 250MB storage, even so it’s surprisingly expensive at $8.99 a month. Creating a WordPress site on a shared hosting plan is simply a piffling more difficult, simply you can get started in an evening, even the starter plan has 100GB storage, and prices start at $2.99 a month over iii years.

SiteBuilder does accept one plus: information technology’southward gratis for single folio sites. If yous buy a shared hosting plan, aren’t interested in WordPress and just need the most basic of websites, it’s at to the lowest degree a convenient solution. Just most people will observe improve solutions elsewhere.

If y’all’d like to learn more nigh website builders, Wix and Weebly’s limited free accounts have better templates and many more features.

Other alternatives include the Hostinger-endemic Zyro website builder, stuffed with features, but piece of cake to use and priced from only $two.99 a month. Bluehost’due south WordPress-based website builder has its ain image library and a powerful Online Shop plan, while GoDaddy’s plans include lots of business concern-friendly extras, and allow you to build an initial site for free.

A2 Hosting uptime

Nosotros used GTmetrix to examination the uptime and response fourth dimension of A2 Hosting’s primary site

(Image credit: A2 Hosting)

How fast is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting has a 99.9% uptime commitment, which means you should look your site to exist available to visitors at to the lowest degree 99.nine% of the time. That’south similar to many providers, merely fifty-fifty 0.1% downtime translates to a possible 43.83 minutes of inaccessibility a month.

To find out what a hosting provider really delivers, we utilise Uptime.com to bank check a WordPress-based test site every five minutes for 14 days.

A2 Hosting did well, with a perfect 100% uptime. (That’south what we await with a short measurement menstruation, but it doesn’t always happen. In our last 15 hosting reviews, four providers had some downtime during our 2 week monitoring period).

Server response times were less impressive at an average 1.53 seconds, and a very wide range of i.ane to iii.36 seconds. Most providers accept response times of half that, and a range of 0.06 or less, making them much faster and more consistent.

We exam website performance past using GTmetrix to load a shared hosting test site and summate how long it takes to load the principal content of a folio, a technical measure out chosen Largest Contentful Pigment (LCP.) The lower your LCP value is, the faster your page pops up onto the screen, a key factor in keeping your visitors happy.

A2 Hosting’southward LCP was higher than average at i.1s, making for a slower load time. GoDaddy (667ms), Hostinger (607ms), Bluehost (603ms) and HostGator
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(551ms) were around half a second faster. A2 Hosting did outperform some big names, though, including IONOS (1400ms) and iPage
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A2 Hosting's performance results

A2 Hosting’s functioning overview

(Image credit: K6)

Finally, we use k6
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to see how a site performs when it has many visitors loading pages at the same time. Our A2 server averaged xi requests per second, well behind the typical 14-xvi we see from nearly providers, although information technology did beat out one or two (IONOS averaged fractionally under 10 requests per seconds).

How much this matters depends on your website and audition. If it’s a high traffic web store, milliseconds count; if it’s a personal blog or you may not get 100 visitors a twenty-four hour period, an extra half second on load fourth dimension may not brand any departure at all.

Go along in mind that we carried out these tests on a standard shared hosting product. You may meet very unlike results from the Turbo shared hosting plans, VPS or dedicated hosting.

How easy is A2 Hosting to use?

A2 Hosting uses elevation quality, manufacture-standard direction tools across the service.

You lot’re able to manage your hosting account on a powerful platform called WHMCS. Our favorite auto-installer, Softaculous, is on hand to ready WordPress and 150+ other apps in barely more than a click. Meanwhile, the powerful cPanel can help create e-mail accounts, upload and work with files, and mostly manage your website and keep it running smoothly.

These are some of the best and virtually popular hosting tools around, and if you lot’ve used another web host, the chances are you’ll already know how to manage your A2 Hosting account and website.

If yous’re a hosting newbie and so information technology’ll take a little longer, mostly because in that location are so many features to explore. Overall, though, it’s not hard, and most users are likely to master the hosting essentials in their commencement session.

A2 Hosting has other worthwhile usability pluses scattered around the service. Running WordPress, for instance? Near providers just requite you a standard installation, simply A2’due south ‘Optimized’ WordPress has its settings peculiarly optimized for speed and security.

Put information technology all together and A2 Hosting is a quality provider which makes it every bit easy as possible to get your site online and keep it running smoothly.

A2 Hosting's support knowledgebase offers help in different forms

A2 Hosting’s back up knowledgebase offers assistance in different forms

(Image credit: A2 Hosting)

What is A2 Hosting’s back up like?

A2 Hosting support is available via ticket and a web knowledgebase just. There’s no live chat
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or telephone back up. Although that’south disappointing, it doesn’t have to exist a big problem if the ticket response time is rapid.

We opened a ticket asking about the issues involved with installing WordPress on a subdomain. The results were excellent, with a helpful and detailed reply arriving only 30 minutes subsequently.

We could probably have got even faster results with telephone or live chat, but there can still exist issues with complex queries. If an agent gives you troubleshooting communication over live chat and information technology doesn’t help, you have to go back and explain the issue once again; if information technology’southward a ticket or email, typing a couple of sentences could be enough.

A comprehensive support website is important, too. If you can quickly observe what you need there, you might non take to contact support at all.

A2 Hosting’south web knowledgebase has a lot of articles, but they’re poorly organized, and the search engine doesn’t do a good chore of finding the about relevant manufactures.

Fortunately, the site has some decent startup and other guides. These take some useful communication for beginners, and if you already know the hosting basics, the knowledgebase has some interesting and more technical manufactures to explore.

Last verdict

A2 Hosting doesn’t quite hit the spot in every expanse (support website needs work, renewal prices are college than some), but its wide range of products, custom speedup technologies and quality hosting tools earn the visitor a thumbs up from united states of america.

Whether you’re looking for feature-packed shared hosting which goes across the usual nuts, or powerful VPS or dedicated plans for a high traffic, business-critical site, A2 Hosting is a must-come across.

A2 Hosting FAQs

Which payment forms does A2 Hosting support?

A2 Hosting supports payments via card, PayPal, Skrill, check or money order, and banking concern wire transfers.

Does A2 Hosting offering refunds?

A2 Hosting offers a hassle-free thirty-day full coin-dorsum guarantee for most of its hosting plans, but also returns some of your cash if you request a refund betwixt 31 and ninety days after your purchase.

It works like this. Ask for a refund within xxx days, and you get all your money back. Enquire for a refund subsequently 30 but before 90 days, and you’ll be refunded for any hosting time you oasis’t used (cancel subsequently two months, you’ll get x months back.)

A2 Hosting too offers refunds on SSL certificates, a protection we don’t see with most providers.

One or two providers evangelize a little more. InMotion Hosting has a full 90-twenty-four hours guarantee, for instance (cancel subsequently two or three months, you get all your greenbacks back.) Simply overall, A2 Hosting has a generous coin-dorsum scheme which outperforms near of the contest.

Does A2 Hosting have an uptime guarantee?

A2 Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime commitment for all its hosting plans.

That means if your site is downwardly for more 0.i% of the total time per calendar month (that’s 43.83 minutes), you’ll receive a v% credit for every hour your site is unreachable, up to a maximum of your full monthly fee.

If your site is downwards for eight hours within a unmarried month, for example, that’s effectually 7 hours and xvi minutes over the acceptable 0.1%. Raise a ticket and you should get a 35% credit on your monthly fee (7×5%.)

In that location are many exceptions. Server maintenance isn’t counted as downtime, for instance. Hacking attacks or internet problems exterior of A2 Hosting’s network are excluded, also. But every host has a similar list, and on residuum A2 Hosting’s uptime delivery makes a decent try to compensate you for service problems.

Where are A2 Hosting’s data centers?

A2 Hosting has data centers in the USA (Arizona, Michigan), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Singapore.

What is my A2 Hosting IP address?

There are some situations when information technology’due south useful to know your web host server’south IP accost. If you lot’re using web hosting with a domain managed elsewhere, for instance, yous’ll probably need to create a DNS record which points your domain to your host’s web space.

To find your IP address, log into A2 Hosting’southward business relationship dashboard at my.a2hosting.com/clientarea.php.

Click the cPanel Login button for your hosting plan’southward domain.

Your server IP address is displayed as ‘Shared IP Accost’ in the General Information panel on the right-manus side. (If you don’t run into a General Information panel, look for a Server Information link).

What are A2 Hosting’due south nameservers?

A2 Hosting’s nameservers are:

ns1.a2hosting.com (
ns2.a2hosting.com (
ns3.a2hosting.com (
ns4.a2hosting.com (

A2 Hosting cancellation

(Epitome credit: A2 Hosting)

How practice I cancel an A2 Hosting product?

Log into your A2 Hosting web dashboard (my.a2hosting.com.)
Click the Services icon to view your products.
Select the item yous’d like to cancel from the My Products & Services list.
Click Request Cancellation from the left-hand sidebar, then carefully read and complete the cancellation form.

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A2 Web Hosting Reviews

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