20i Reseller Hosting Review

20i Reseller Hosting Review

UK Reseller hosting powered by 100% renewable energy. Green reseller hosting

Georgie Barrat, UK Tech journalist & TV presenter promoting reseller hosting by 20i

Recommended by Georgie Barrat

Tech Journalist and Telly presenter

Reseller Hosting

The All-time UK Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Host unlimited websites

Completely white-label & 100% your brand

The fastest, most reliable U.k. reseller hosting platform

100% green hosting powered by renewable free energy

£19.99/pm first six months, so just £39.99/pm

Automatic migration from another host

An unlimited hosting platform similar no other

Host unlimited sites on autoscaling deject hosting, powered 100% past renewable energy.


Book a Reseller Hosting demo

Schedule a demo with i of our experts to notice out more than about our unlimited reseller hosting platform.

Best hosting company in the Great britain

Best hosting company in the UK

After a year at 20i I’yard very pleased with the service

I made the move to 20i most a yr ago and take been very pleased with the service reliability, functionality and, the few times I’ve neede…

Andrew Aldridge

Not bad back up ever

Bang-up back up ever. I will recommend this host to everyone wanting to have a superb client back up and easy web hosting services.

Make Money Online with Brett

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20i Great britain Reseller Hosting is perfect for…

Migration can seem daunting… but 20i makes it easy.

1. Sign upwardly

Once you’ve signed up for a 20i Reseller business relationship, head to the migration centre.

2. Choose type

Choose the type of host you’re moving from e.g. cPanel, and so enter your username and countersign.

3. Select packages

Select which packages you want to movement across. Click ‘Start’ and your automated migration begins.

Unlimited and free one-click migrations

You can migrate to 20i automatically from other web hosts, including those who use cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Heart Net and Fasthosts. If you’re coming from a dissimilar provider, our Support Squad is always happy to help. There’s zero downtime and no risk of data loss. You can:

  • Motility your websites, databases and emails to 20i automatically
  • Preserve all folders, files, scripts, emails, databases and other data exactly as-is
  • Relocate equally many or every bit few packages as you lot like at once; cull exactly what y’all want to migrate and when – every migration to 20i is gratuitous!
  • Transfer your WordPress websites merely by supplying FTP details
  • Avoid data loss and downtime

Automatic one click website migration with 20i UK reseller hosting


As a large established spider web host, the prospect of moving all our hosted sites was daunting. Just by using 20i’s Migration Eye nosotros were able to move 6000 websites in a week, and many more since. It was fast and easy to move, even for a company of our size. I’d recommend their hosting to anyone.

– Chris C., Eco Web Hosting

The best value Britain Reseller Hosting

Everything a Reseller business organization needs

We requite you a lot more than than a powerful and reliable web hosting platform. All the features below are included as standard in our Reseller Hosting bundle, making it the best value around. These features might be ‘hidden costs’ to your reseller business elsewhere.

My20i UK Reseller Hosting Control Panel

Manage Your Reseller Website Hosting

My20i is your free spider web hosting control panel. It was designed past industry experts for Resellers, and then it has more than bulk-management tools than any other control panel. It’southward modern, mobile-friendly and fast; designed to help y’all manage your customers chop-chop.

Learn more near My20i

StackCP is your customers’ command panel. Information technology can be customised to match your brand or left in its white-label configuration. Information technology tin can be made as uncomplicated or as complex as you’d similar, depending on your customers’ technical ability.

Acquire more nigh StackCP

HostShop business automation for UK reseller hosting. WHMCS alternative. Free.

Set-and-Forget Business Automation

HostShop makes running a spider web hosting business piece of cake. Built as a free alternative to WHMCS, it gives you a white-characterization store that integrates with your website. Your customers experience a seamless shopping experience: from your front-end, through payment, to using their hosting account in StackCP.

You can automate all routine business organization tasks like billing and notifications. It has a support ticketing organization congenital-in, and marketing tools for electronic mail and messaging. You tin even monitor business growth with our reporting tools.

HostShop: find out more

20i CDN powerful content delivery network for the customers of our hosting resellers

Content Commitment Network

As well equally being able to choose their origin server location as the U.k. or US, your customers will have access to 20i’due south powerful content delivery network. Bandwidth is unrestricted. Likewise as global edge caching information technology also has a comprehensive Website Acceleration Suite, which improves folio loading speed.

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Give your customers full access to our CDN or limit features if y’all want more command. For example, you could sell the edge caching as part of a website package, and the folio speed optimisations as an upsell – it’s up to you.

20i’s Gratuitous CDN

Secure UK reseller hosting. With two factor authentication, SSL certificates, malware scanning DDoS protection and more

Security First

Everything in our Reseller Hosting package was created with an eye for security, both for you and your customers. Our web hosting is PCI compliant. Optional two-factor hallmark (2FA) is bachelor for all logins.

Other security features include malware scanning, SSL certificates, electronic mail scanning, one Tbps+ DDoS protection, web application firewalls, brute force login protection, and more. They’re all included with every Reseller Hosting account, simply can exist offered to your customers as optional extras or upgrades to their web hosting plans.

Secure Hosting

UK Reseller hosting with my20i and stackcp compared to cPanel

Panel compared to My20i. Which reseller hosting control panel is better

Number of accounts Unlimited Restricted by the server’s hardware
Disk infinite Unlimited Restricted by the server’due south hardware
Bandwidth Unlimited Restricted by the server’s hardware
Autoscaling cloud platform
Redundant web servers
Built-in replication & failover
Global CDN
Website Acceleration Suite
Anti-DDoS protection
Born Web Application Firewall
Isolated web, MySQL, FTP, control console and storage
E-mail kept deeply abroad from website storage
WordPress optimised
WordPress staging
Google DNS
Integrated HostShop
WHMCS modules
Single login to manage hosting in the UK and U.s.
Pre-populated white label support database

My 20i


Number of Accounts Unlimited Restricted by server’s hardware
Disk Space Unlimited Restricted by server’s hardware
Bandwidth Unlimited Restricted past server’south hardware
Autoscaling Cloud Platform
Redundant Web Servers
Built-in Replication & Failover
Global CDN
Unmarried login to manage hosting in the U.k. and U.s.
Website Acceleration Suite
Anti-DDOS Protection
Built-in Web Application Firewall
Isolated Web, MySQL, FTP, Control Panel and Storage
Email kept deeply away from website storage
WordPress Optimised
WordPress Staging
Google DNS
Integrated HostShop
WHMCS modules
Single login to manage hosting in the United kingdom and Us
Pre-populated white characterization support database

White-characterization Reseller Hosting

While our Reseller Hosting is fix to use out of the box, with a few tweaks you can really make it your ain.

It gives you more white-label options than any other package. We employ a generic brand – Stack – across our products, from our Nominet tag to our CDN headers. And so your customers never demand to see 20i.

It’s up to you how far y’all go with customisation. If yous want to become deep, all the HTML and CSS of client-facing components tin be modified. You lot tin can too use our Reseller API to work with whatever other control panel, and nosotros provide a WHMCS plugin.

Or maybe yous’d prefer a faster way of branding StackCP and HostShop? You tin nevertheless make all of our products through elementary tools in My20i.

White label hosting. UK reseller hosting under your brand name

  • Company logo
  • Brand name
  • All colour schemes in the control console and store
  • Header and footer
  • All client-facing URLs
  • CDN header proper noun
  • System status folio
  • E-mail communications
  • Favicons
  • WHOIS information
  • Holding pages
  • Contact information
  • Social media icons

White label hosting. UK reseller hosting under your brand name

20i control panel for unlimited reseller hosting

It’s your concern

Our unlimited reseller hosting actually

There are no limits on you lot. But you lot tin set limits on your customers’ business relationship packages. Y’all can do this quickly and easily in your My20i command console, and upgrade or downgrade packages at will.

You can tailor every feature of a website hosting package to arrange your business model. Create email-only accounts, domain and hosting packages. Limit the number of mailboxes and subdomains, or restrict access to ‘one-click’ software installs. There’s no limit on the number of packages you tin design and sell.

Every bit well as bandwidth and storage, you can control over 100 different features.

  • Mailboxes
  • Databases
  • Email Forwarders & Autoresponders
  • FTP Users
  • Gratuitous SSLs
  • File Permissions
  • Malware Scanning
  • CDN Caching
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Subdomains
  • Scheduled tasks

Create unique experiences

We take a JSON-based Reseller API that gives you the tools to create unique experiences for your customers.

Everything can be controlled through information technology. We know this considering our experts built the StackCP control console using our API! If yous’d adopt to use WHMCS, we include a module that integrates with all My20i features.

Manage your team

Multiple users tin can be given permission-based logins to Reseller business relationship. For example, y’all might want support staff to simply have access to tickets, or a developer to accept access to the API but no customer information.

Users can be prepare with accounts in moments.

Your client control panel, StackCP, comes with four ready-made themes which y’all tin use out of the box. They make use of the modern BootStrap 4 framework, so they’re easy to modify further. You besides become threescore different header banners to utilize.

HostShop and StackCP themes

You can brand the look and feel of your online shop provided by HostShop, likewise equally your billing and support communications. Nosotros even offer a selection of front-end websites to alter to your liking – useful if you’re starting a new web hosting business.

Your customer control panel, StackCP, comes with four ready-made themes which you can use out of the box. They make use of the modern BootStrap 4 framework, so they’re easy to change further. You also become lx different header banners to use.


Give your customers all the apps they need

Your clients on our Linux hosting have access to over eighty i-click web apps to build and run websites. You can choose which ones they accept admission-to.


How practise I start a Reseller Hosting business concern?

Reseller Hosting can be rewarding and profitable. You might want to start selling web infinite every bit role of a current business or found your own web hosting empire. Or even just start a side hustle from home. Information technology’south a versatile online concern, and how to outset it depends on your circumstances. Here are the basics:

Start a Reseller Hosting business

Make a plan

This could be a ‘business plan’ or something less formal, but you need to think most your strategy, costs, market place enquiry, client support and promotion.

Apply our guides

Familiarise yourself with our tools. Add sub-users and ready up your branded transactional emails, welcome emails, back up ticket responses and similar.

Customise our services

Utilize our white-label features to brand: URLs, nameservers, the support database, your customers’ control panel, invoices, default website pages and more.

Migrate your customers

If you have existing customers, migrate them over to 20i automatically and assign them to packages.

Start selling web hosting!

If you’re unsure near condign a Reseller, answering the questions in this commodity may assistance: Should I become a Reseller?

20i UK and US flag logo Reseller Hosting

Host in the Britain, the USA, or both

If y’all have customers in the U.s., or desire to expand in to the world’due south largest spider web hosting marketplace, we brand it easy.

20i’s autoscaling platform is unbeatable past U.s.a. hosts using cPanel, and then information technology’s a rich business opportunity.

Working alongside our seven CDN nodes in the USA, we have an origin data centre in Dallas, Texas. You can choose to accept all your unlimited Reseller Hosting packages based there, or in the United kingdom. If yous’d like to host in both the U.s.a. and Great britain, there’s an boosted fee of £19.99/month.

Manage all your hosting – both sides of the Atlantic – through the My20i command panel. No need for multiple different logins.

Where volition my websites be hosted?

They’ll be hosted at ane of our United Kingdom or United States data centres. You can choose whether all your sites are hosted in the UK or United states of america when ready up your first hosting package.

You can choose whether all your sites are based in the UK or U.s.a. when you set up your outset hosting package.

20i Reseller Hosting select Data centre UK or USA

Don’t just have our word for information technology


More business organisation opportunities

While reselling web hosting might be the core of your business organization, you lot can also sell other 20i products.

Become a VPS Reseller

For when your customers demand the power and versatility of a virtual private server (VPS). Nosotros offer a range of loftier-spec VPS that can give you lot an extra revenue stream. They’re available in both Managed and Unmanaged formats. 20i VPS Resellers get a 25% discount off the standard pricing and access to an exclusive i-core Managed Hosting that’south perfect for a unmarried website.

Resell VPS


Resell domains and premium SSL certificates

20i’s domain names are the all-time value already. Merely to help you make a profit as a domain reseller, nosotros give yous upward to thirty% disbelieve on every TLD. While our Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are free, if yous or your client would adopt a Unproblematic or Extended SSL cert, we disbelieve these, too.

All discounts

Why cull 20i Uk Reseller Hosting

Focused on Resellers

20i was founded as a hosting company for website resellers. Information technology’southward our specialism. So all features, tools, discounts and free resources accept 1 focus: helping businesses manage multiple spider web hosting packages.

Since our directors created the showtime UK Reseller Hosting packet in 1997, we’ve learnt a lot. Nosotros understand the needs of those who demand to manage websites in bulk and run a successful business.

Constant Innovation

Other spider web hosts repackage commercially-available solutions, so in that location’s not much to choose between them. Nosotros develop our own services which we don’t share with anyone else.

Everything from our unique hosting technologies to our Green Hosting platform and our business organisation automation tools are made with the ambition of changing reseller web hosting for the better. We’re constantly releasing new features.

Proudly Independent

If a web hosting business organisation is successful, information technology’s fairly mutual that they go bought-out by a big international company. All also often, that leads to a decline in the quality of their services.

We understand your business organisation: that’due south why we’re happy to commit to staying independent. That’s a long-term promise.

As you’ll see from our reviews, our Back up Squad is universally-praised. I of the reasons for that is that they’re based in-business firm, in the Uk. We’ll never our outsource our back up.

Side by side

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24/7 support like you’ve never received

Whatever your skill set up, our services are designed to be simple and intuitive for those with a basic knowledge of computers and the internet. Set your experience level in your 20i profile and we’ll adapt our back up responses to arrange your needs.
We support you every step of the fashion.

Reseller Hosting guides

20i Reseller Hosting guides

When you buy Reseller Hosting, you receive a comprehensive guide on how to use My20i, HostShop and all other features. You have admission to our Support database, which covers all aspects of our services in step-by-step detail.

Our YouTube channel includes a growing number of video guides roofing our most oftentimes-asked or complex questions.

Reseller Hosting Customer Support

Back up like yous’ve never received

If yous read our reviews, you’ll know that our Back up Squad are universally-praised for their speed and clarity of response. They’re web hosting enthusiasts, and corking communicators. With 20i, y’all feel like yous’re talking to a man – you don’t get copy-paste ‘standard replies’. Y’all can contact them past ticket or live conversation.

We don’t outsource our support. It helps that they’re all based aslope the 20i developers in our Uk headquarters – so even the thorniest of problems tin can be resolved quickly.

Business advice for reseller hosting

Business communication

The 20i Blog is focused on the reseller business, with writing from the 20i squad and expert guest authors. Information technology includes advice on everything from conversion rate optimisation to what to call your company!

We keep y’all updated with our new features in newsfeeds and newsletters, and share the best business organisation advice on social media.


Frequently asked questions about 20i Reseller Hosting

At that place’s no limit on how many websites y’all tin can host. With 20i’southward infrastructure you lot’re non limited to a unmarried server. So you become the freedom to grow or migrate-over any number of your existing websites without any limits.

We have an easy-to-use Migration Center to drift your websites and emails from all common spider web hosts such as those using cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Heart Internet, Fasthosts or if your websites are built using WordPress.

The Migration Eye is included with Reseller Hosting so there are no limits on the number of migrations you can practise.

The reason nosotros built a bespoke control console is because cPanel doesn’t allow for load-balancing and autoscaling in the way we use it. With 20i your site isn’t restricted to one single server, which is how cPanel is configured. It uses the whole datacentre’s server resources as needed and scales automatically. So you’re not affected by spikes in traffic, or what other people are doing on the same server.

There are many other advantages. For example, it gives your customers a amend user experience without being besides unfamiliar. Another would be that there are no licensing costs, – no matter how many customers yous have! See the differences betwixt My20i and cPanel.

Yes, if you pay annually you’ll go an additional free month included.

Yes. Our web hosting servers employ 100% renewable electricity and we’re committed to sustainable policies as a business organisation. For more info, please see Green Hosting.

Yes, all your websites will be covered past enterprise-course 1 Tbps+ DDoS protection. This will filter-out malicious traffic and keep your site online for genuine users.

If you’re already running a business that does something like web design, information technology will be extremely easy to integrate 20i’southward Reseller offering in to your existing workflow. Thousands have already washed it! Read more virtually starting a Reseller Hosting company or browse our customer stories.

It’s natural to be sceptical almost 20i Reseller Hosting: it does seem a little ‘besides proficient to be truthful’ when you compare 20i’s offering confronting other website reseller packages. But don’t worry!

As nosotros develop our ain software, we have more than control, more freedom and less overheads. We pass those savings on to y’all. Other companies treat Reseller website hosting as a side-venture: a specialist role of their business organization. 20i are the
Reseller Hosting Specialists.

Green web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy

We’re committed to making sure our hosting is every bit light-green as tin be

Windmill and solar panels green webhosting with 100 percent renewable energy

Green Energy

All our hosting is powered past 100% renewable energy, which means all your sites and apps are too. That’s great news for you and the environs.

Servers with low power usage for green web hosting

Dark-green Data Eye

Our data middle has an extremely low

Low Carbon footprint in 20i offices by use of solar energy

Depression Carbon Footprint

Our role as well runs on renewable energy with its ain solar subcontract. We also take a paperless office, cycle to work scheme, and recycle all our waste matter.

Ready to try Reseller Hosting? Go 50% off today

Commencement vi months £nineteen.99/pm, then only £39.99/pm

20i Reseller Hosting Review

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